Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009 ~ with loving Memories

What an incredible year.... full of love, new found hopes, dreams coming true, celebrations, families uniting and with signs from above all the way through!

I am truly blessed with all that I have and even lost. I realize that even the things lost were something I had, and THAT is a blessing.

"Memories are cherished and the future is formed. One moment, one interaction at a time. What I do now and feel now and experience now is what forms what will be. With that, I just enjoy each moment so that what I feel and experience is GOOD and the GOOD continues on." ~Jeni

I am still filled with sorrow from the loss of my beautiful sister Mary, but am fuller on a faith that she is still with me.
I have so much to be grateful for and that is what I focus on..... Life lives on and I know that I'm in the drivers seat so I get to choose the road I take and how I'll take the bumps or potholes.

On that note, I welcome the New Year!

My Orb

I was just sitting here about to write something about saying good-bye to 2009 and welcoming the New year. As I was looking for a beautiful picture of a white dove inside the world that I had saved on my computer, I started roaming through some pictures I had uploaded from my camera recently. What i found made me decide to post this first:

I came across this picture of Nancy & me. We were at her daughter's baby shower 11-7-09. I almost passed right over the picture until i saw MY ORB.... there she is, just above my head to the right.

What a comfort to know that my angel(s) are always close to me. Loving me, protecting me, guiding me.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Secret Garden

"If you look the right way - you can see that the whole world is a garden!"

You will learn to laugh and learn to cry.....
This book was recommended by someone very special to me and it was the one of the sweetest stories I've read. Then I saw the movie and had to watch it! There is a valuable lessen in this movie. Live positively and keep the faith & hope!! Anything is possible when you live this way!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Cardinal Christmas!!

i have been so busy it's not even funny :(... i haven't even done a 2009 Reflections - 2009 has been too busy. Stay tuned! i will have it & lots to say too.....
In the meantime, here are some Holiday pics I have a moment to share with you!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

I would never forget you ~ I was so proud of you!!
I love you dad.................

Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mini "Mary"

I love this picture of Mary & Kelsey!

This picture was taken Christmas 2004 ~ Kelsey was Mary's lil minion. For years, she would shadow Mary's crazy schedule of waking up at 4:30 in the morning to run 6 miles and then do the entire tae bo kick boxing video. She didn't care how early it was...... she was with her mommy and loved her so much! She would go with her everywhere. Mary used to coach swimming and have to be at swim practice early early - Kelsey was always there. I know she cherishes those moments now more than she wishes she had to. I see so much of Mary in Kelsey.

My Sisters

I love my sisters so much..... this is a nice picture of Lisa & Mary!

I know Lisa treasures this picture too - it was the last picture taken with our sis.....

That is why I am posting it on "Memories to Cherish",

our timecapsule of moments to remember ~ Loving Mary Forever!

I wasn't there, but I wished I was. This picture was taken in San Antonio, just a few weeks before Mary left us - 3/22/08.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random White Flower

This beautiful flower is one of the many luxury gifts I would receive at the Caledonia.... random gifts from residents or flowers they couldn't enjoy because they were traveling...... I will miss these joys. I was so blessed to be here. My heart and soul were here and the residents' goodbyes have touched my heart. I even got some tears....

Goodbye Caledonia

I got a promotion on Tuesday! With a new title and all :).... I will be taking care of two buildings now instead of one.... This is great news and sad news! The Caledonia team has become the #1 building in the region with 1% delinquency just last month! Caledonia has been my home since it opened in 2007. The staff and many (most) of the residents and i have become like a family. They were there for me when my sister died and when I got married. Two of the most emotional events in ones life. They have all been so wonderful. I will cherish my time with them all. I'm attaching a few photos to this blog showing the orbs all around the building. Pretty amazing!! This is also where my cardinal showed up on the sun terrace for me. This building has some amazing memories for me to cherish!

This is a professional move and I am happy for it, but am sad...... So sad!

The strange thing about this is that I woke up that morning and had a random thought "I wonder if they're going to transfer me", the thought disappeared as fast as it came.
Until I got to work!