Sunday, March 24, 2013

Red Balloons for Mary

Wow - red balloons from everywhere for Mary!
California, Atlanta, Texas, NY ...... So much love it brought tears to my eyes.
There were many loving pictures posted of FB for her too - from Florida, Minnesota, Missouri and all over Texas. Mary's memory is cherished always and forever!

Jen Dio in California
Laurie Kolp in Texas

Kelsey and Brett at Mary's grave in Beaumont

 Madison and Max in San Antonio, Texas

 Me, in Long Island, NY

Mary Mullins in Atlanta, GA

Words can't even describe how blessed I feel!  I am surrounded by so much pure love..... 

Friday, March 22, 2013

3-22-13 - Cherishing you Forever

5 Years in Heaven
We love you Forever Mary!

Mary Day

I have decided that this day is the official  
"HONOR and LOVE Mary Day"!
March 22nd, 2013 - 5 years ago today Mary left the earth but never our hearts.
She is here, there and everywhere, continuing to shine her light through me to YOU!
To honor my Mary, every year I buy a new lavender candle for their healing powers.
Did you know that there are healing powers in Lavender?
We all know lavender is a wonderful aromatic for everything from hair to sheets but it is also a great source of healing.
The herb eases muscle pain, but lavender can help many physical and even mental ailments.
Lavender is generally used in two forms, as an herb and as an essential oil. In herbal form, it is ground up and made into tea. But lavender’s oil is its claim to fame.

I also buy my Mary some flowers on this day - I always make them yellow or lavender. I chose yellow because they remind me of Mary - Now I know why! After googling what yellow flowers mean - I instantly found this:
Per Mary M. Randall (LOL - of course its a Mary)...The yellow flower color meanings are that of cheerfulness, enthusiasm, truth and clairity and are understandably associated with sunshine or rays of light.

Well.......this year I decided to do something different:  I'm going to buy a red balloon and let it go!  I've shared this with my friends, family and soul sisters and am amazed at theabundance of loving support.  My FB page has blown up with red balloons and so much love!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Teens Against Cyber Bullying"

We meet people at the time we are supposed to.  Sometimes those times are just so amazining in synch with exactly what is happening or about to happen that it blows our minds!  This has been happening to me so often that I'm almost always living in constant bliss :)!
This is call synchronicity!  Story of my life since Mary passed.


I bring this up now because of the timing that I met Karleigh Jade Strickland - a sweet 13 year old with a purpose - she is a lil lightworker - also known as an Angel.

Karleigh is also an author in the book, "Faces Behind the Pages that Inspire".  I've been reading about each author and as I do, I reach out to connect to them and if there is something that I connect with - I let them know.  Well, Karleigh is the founder of the FB page, "Teens-Against Cyber-Bullying".
I won't go into the details of her story here - except that she has lived through some tough times at such a young age and she has survived and is fighting back now.  Educating the world with her experience stregnth and hope.  You can learn more about her and the cause that she is connected to on her website as well:

She has overcome bullying, bulimia, suicidal tendancies and self hurt with cutting!  All this before 11 years old.

I reached out to let her know how proud i was of her and that her story pulled my heart strings.  She and I have formed a sisterly bond. 

Here is the crazy synchronicity:

In a textversation we were having, she randomly out of the blue mentioned her connection to the number 23.  She even started her TACB FB page on July 23rd - which is VERY special to Kelsey.

My neice Kelsey has a connection to it too.  I did a blog post about it. click on this link to see: Kelsey Signs!

This was all very much meant to be.  I shared this with Kelsey which opened up a beautiful conversation that was much needed.  Thank you Karleigh Jade for being who you are and coming into our lives as you did! xxoo

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Love Life with Faith

"My faith has deepend with a true knowing of what IS and what matters most! ~ Thank you tragedies for this wisdom!" - Jeni

I have been writing lil love notes to my Mary since 3/2008 - after a reading from my friend Hilliary Joy - a medium I was introduced to shortly after Mary's passing (9/2008).  Mary had confirmed her presence with me and saw that I was writing to her......(blog & on a notepad) she said to write on lavender - it was healing.  So I went out and instantly came across this lavender spiral pad that happened to have the Serenity Prayer on the front - our favorite prayer.  I've been writing in it ever since! xxoo

I write to heal....

Love Notes to Mary!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mary Visits

Signs are always here! Signs that our loved ones are near. When we receive them, they are such a gift.  We just KNOW....

I was texting with Courtney, my sister in law, asking her if she had any prom like dresses for Kelsey.  She was going to the Jr. Prom - didn't want to buy a dress really unless she had to.  She said next year was the big one - her Sr. Prom of course. So I went to the "cool fashion source" in our family ~ Courtney!   Courtney happened to have a few to part with that Kelsey could try! 

As I was texting Courtney how special it would be for Kelsey to wear something of ours Courtney excitedly interupted with this text:

 "Omg - a girl on the radio just said, HI I'm Mary!"


LOL - Mary's energy was always to strong when she was excited - I  had a feeling when she passed on that her energy would come through!  I know Mary was here - excited for her lil Kelsey and excited that Courtney and I were helping her.

Well her visit doesn't stop there on this day......
My hubby Chad (Courtney's brother) texts me soon after:
"Kelsey's pic flew off the wall right in front of me literally as I was looking at."
He said it just randomly out of the blue did a somersault right before his eyes and landing on the floor without breaking.  WOW!
Funny thing lately..... we've had a family friend come over lately to watch Honey dog when we go out and a couple times we've come back to him saying, "There is a spirit in here messing with me!  I come back from walking the dog to the TV moved......" (the TV is on a swivel stand).  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

What is Synchronicity?

INCREDIBLE description of Synchronicity from Deepak Chopra!

wishes come true..... you think of someone and they call.... magical, joyful and enhance your intuitive self.  A connection to your core self!  It's good luck.  Opportunity meeting preparedness.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mary's Cheer Everywhere

What a beautiful surprise FB post Mary's dear friend, Melissa McGee posted on my wall today!
Mary is here, there and everywhere these days.... What a gift.
"Little piece of Mary with me today.  Ok a big piece :) love you guys. RIP Mary"
~Melissa McGee

Cardinal Morning

Nothing more beautiful than waking up to the sound of cardinals courting each other outside my window - their song is a beautiful melody to my ears - as I sleepily walk outside to walk my Honey dog - 
I see the little red bird couple behind that morning song, flying around their tree, playing in the snow!

Again - it is going to be a beautiful day today! I choose it to be!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life ~ Faith ~ Knowing

"It's amazing how life completely changes when you awaken to a faith that allows you to not only believe, but to know that this life as we know it doesn't end with death. . . . "
~LRB Chirps

A Sister Moment

Wanna hear something funny?
I was driving to the train this morning (3/6/13); the song "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics came on - yes I know all the words - so I started singing it out loud, all by myself and dead serious.

Would you believe "I heard (or felt) my Mary laughing at me...."
So I started laughing!
It was such a sister moment!
I felt her with me... No doubt... This will be a beautiful day!!

3/9/13 - had to add to this experience:
As I was driving to do a couple errands, I was thinking of my Mary and synchronicity.  Thinking of how lucky I was to experience the magic of  it so often, then all of a sudden the song  "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics came on again - a sign my sister is confirming to me that she really is with me!!

Faces Behind the Pages that INSPIRE

You can order your copy HERE!
The book launched and is out there.... I am so happy and so proud to be a part of this beautiful group of souls.  Each one is so different yet we all have a common thread  - to inspire through what we know.  We share our experience, strengths and hopes to heal.  You can read a whole chapter dedicated to my story.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lynne Cheer

I'm so blessed!  I love the support and cheer my dear friend Lynne has for Mary and I's story here in the book The Faces Behind the Pages That Inspire!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Faces Behind The Pages That Inspire

Only two days til the launch of the book Faces Behind the Pages! 
March 5th, 2013
Little Red Bird - ME :) will be Chapter 14!  I'm so proud and so honored to be a part of this incredible group of inspiring people!  This book can be bought on Amazon starting Tuesday, March 5th, 2013.. CLICK HERE to order you copy!