Friday, March 22, 2013

Mary Day

I have decided that this day is the official  
"HONOR and LOVE Mary Day"!
March 22nd, 2013 - 5 years ago today Mary left the earth but never our hearts.
She is here, there and everywhere, continuing to shine her light through me to YOU!
To honor my Mary, every year I buy a new lavender candle for their healing powers.
Did you know that there are healing powers in Lavender?
We all know lavender is a wonderful aromatic for everything from hair to sheets but it is also a great source of healing.
The herb eases muscle pain, but lavender can help many physical and even mental ailments.
Lavender is generally used in two forms, as an herb and as an essential oil. In herbal form, it is ground up and made into tea. But lavender’s oil is its claim to fame.

I also buy my Mary some flowers on this day - I always make them yellow or lavender. I chose yellow because they remind me of Mary - Now I know why! After googling what yellow flowers mean - I instantly found this:
Per Mary M. Randall (LOL - of course its a Mary)...The yellow flower color meanings are that of cheerfulness, enthusiasm, truth and clairity and are understandably associated with sunshine or rays of light.

Well.......this year I decided to do something different:  I'm going to buy a red balloon and let it go!  I've shared this with my friends, family and soul sisters and am amazed at theabundance of loving support.  My FB page has blown up with red balloons and so much love!

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