Monday, September 9, 2013

Visit from Dad - No Doubt

20 years ago today 9-9-13, my dad was called to heaven.  I always remember this day and honor my dad with thoughts of love, admiration and pride.  I was so lucky to have had him for the 24 years of my life.

I don't go around with my head down and sad with grief,  I smile a smile pure from my heart because I have memories to cherish, a life to celebrate and a knowing that he's not really gone.

There are signs everywhere, all the time, always reminding me.......

TODAY  I received an extra special sign, but it was more than just seeing it - I FELT it!  I felt my father's presence.  It's hard to explain unless you've experienced it, it kind of takes your breath away for a moment and you feel extra extra special and nothing else matters in those moments.  You feel like you've been given a kiss from an angel, a gift of love from above.  It's magical, a kind of divine feeling.  A rush of pure love.

The first sign I captured today before noon walking in NYC on 15th Street heading towards Union Square - a large beautiful white feather right in my path:

That would have been enough for me today, but that wasn't going to be it......

Another sign happened on my train ride home as I'm relaxing in relief that the craziness of today was over a random song started playing on Pandora that made me look at my iPhone to see what it was - it was then that my eyes burst open with amazement and my eyes began to well up with tears.... A song called "You and Me" from the album Family Tree  was playing - with pictures of both a red bird and a blue bird in a tree.....
It was a sign - my dad was with me.  Then all of a sudden the song ended with the words..."I'm so proud of You!"  
These are words my dad would say to me often, even in a random visit back in March 2007. (see blogpost:  Signs from Above)

As if that was enough excitement for one day.... the very next song blew me away:

The song "Free Little Bird" from the album "Catch the Moon" started to play.    This free little bird song reminded me of my Mary who is free now - free from the pain.  The little girl on the cover reminded me of Mary and the moon is something I am in constant wonder over.  I believe this song was a sign that Mary was showing me - she is with our dad - with him watching over me.

As I'm typing this blog, my heart is swelling up with tears - tears of joy - to receive these signs is the most beautiful gift in the world.  To know that two of the most important people in my life are not really gone at all - on the contrary, they are with me, all the way to my soul.

It'a a beautiful world we live in when we open our heart and believe. I open my eyes and truly see..... have a little faith and live life as its supposed to be - HAPPY! 

Kelsey - "I'll Be Missing You"

Last night my sweet Kelsey called me - she was so excited - she's been talking about her mom so much lately - (it tugs at my heart how much she misses her & needs her).

She said she was at Sonic (fast food joint in Texas) with a few friends & was already thinking of her mom because sonic was a place they frequented for the slushees - then all of a sudden the song "I'll be Missing You" started playing.  She was listening to a radio station based out of the town next to where she lived & where she spent a lot of time with her mom (Nederland) because her mom taught high school & coached there......

The song was the song played at her moms funeral, "I'll Be Missing You" by P. Diddy.

She was so excited because she felt her mom's presence with her!  S

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Divine Cardinal Finds

It's so amazing how I come across beautiful talented like minded souls who share from their heart as if they are speaking from mine.  Divine finds!!   

by Suzanne Millius


I have to thank my friend Karen Morrow who shared this with me on FB from Namaste Cafe....

P.S.  As I'm blogging all these Cardinal connections, I hear the football commentators on the television behind me talking about some plays from the Cardinals....LOL

Cardinal of Hope

On a day that is bleak..
though there is a new fallen snow 
You fret and you ponder which way you should go.
You haven't the heart to believe anymore, that the plans he has made.. would your own faith restore.
You've struggled and tried to use your own power, to understand things before the right hour.
But Jesus replies, " Rest in my unending grace, And know my love and purpose is surely in place"
I will not leave you, nor forsake you my child..
Your faith is the fabric put on in the trial.
So trust in me daughter and lean not on you, For the secret lies deep in the pain you go through.
Acknowledge me daily with every heart cry, and I will show you the answer to why..
The fruit you produce in obedience will, one day be a legacy your children fulfill.

So look for the blessing I will send your way, A "Cardinal of Hope" to strengthen your day.

Feathers Appear When Angels are Near

I have unofficially been named "Feather Woman".... I have found a feather in my path every single day since July 29th!  Some days more than half a dozen.  It's so mystical and so much fun.  I don't go looking for these feathers.  They just appear right in front of me.  In the lobby of my work, in my path to work, under my shoe, under my tires, in my sister in laws bag, on my walking trail,  everywhere!!  I take pictures when I can but there have been a few where I just can't but wish so much I could have, like the large white wispy one on the subway stairs!  That one I miss ~ it was so pretty.

I've posted alot of them on Instagram & FB, but not ALL.  I may be teetering on the "loony" side to some.  LOL Not that I really care about that,  I also like to think I know when too much is too much.  I'd hate to desensitize the magic of the feathers.  It is fun when a friend of family member posts a feather or cardinal picture back to me letting me know that they too are not alone and they too BELIEVE!

Feathers Appear When Angels are Near!

Here are just a few........

P.S.  This song "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan came on As I'm was reading a post from my mom (Sara) commenting that she spotted a white wispy feather yesterday as she was entering the pool!  Hehehehe - our angels we share!!