Saturday, April 11, 2020

Mary Dream

 Mary dream this morning. Saturday, April 11th the day before Easter!

I dreamt that I was on the street I grew up on and I looked over saw a young boy next door and thought, what a cute kid, then I realized it was my nephew Brett when he was like 11 years old.  I  was so excited to see him and baffled too.  I didn't know he was going to be there.  Then I looked down the street and saw a moving van and saw Mary.  I was so excited and yelled so loud for Mary. She ran to me like she was in a race.  It was wonderful. She jumped in my arms almost knocking me over.   When she hugged me, I felt a belly, a baby belly.  I looked at her in amazement..... And asked her if she was pregnant. She didn't answer me but I knew.  I immediately brought her inside to my closet and started pulling out outfits that would look cute in her - babydoll shirts I happened to have. They looked so cute on her, showing a perfect lil baby bump.  

Then I started making her something, not sure what it was but Kelsey saw it and liked it saying she wanted one too.... I said of course but her mommy first 💗

It was such a sweet visit.