Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mary Tribute 2015

What a beautiful day today!!! 
I'm headed out to buy my Mary balloons and I hear a familiar chirp chirp chirp up above...... There's a bright red cardinal staring straight at me from the tree !
It was this day.... 7 years ago Mary left the earth and the cardinal flew to my side! ❤

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cherishing Mary

I posted this on FB & Instagram:
This Sunday 3/22: in honor of Mary, my beautiful sisters life, I will release 3 balloons. Thanking her for being who she was to me, a true blessing of joy and unconditional love.
I also thank her for her magical signs - she has given me the FAITH ✨ HOPE ✨ and INSPIRATION in my life now that allows me to be free to live with LOVE in my heart and to share it with the world. I understand and know what really matters in life now. Thank you Mary for being the Angel you were on earth and the Angel you are now up above and all around σΎ†―✨ I cherish you with all my heart!'

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Pendant of Hope from Mary

Isn't is a fun little wonder when something crosses your path and you immediately felt it was meant to be.  I call this a synchronicity.

Through social media (Instagram),  I came across this lil jewelry maker from Austin, Texas just a couple weeks before the anniversary of my Mary's passing... the name of the company was "Bee Mary" Jewelry and the item that caught my eye was a pretty pendant with the word HOPE on it.

I felt a strong attraction to this lil pendant of hope.  I reached out & before I knew it I bought it.   I first thought it was for me but almost immediately, i felt a soft nudge that said "No, this is for Kelsey!" -  Mary's daughter.  She was having some tough times in her first year in college at this moment and needed a lil hope.  Coincidentally,  this one of kind pendant happened to be Kelsey's two favorite colors:  purple and pink.  It was meant to be.

I reached out to the owner of  and asked her the meaning behind "Bee Mary"... the owner confirmed what I knew in my heart.....

I truly believe Mary guided me to this gift and had me buy it for her daughter.  
A Gift from Above.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Emma Marie Synchronicity

GREAT NEWS ~ Our brother and his wife are having their first baby - due date is July 20th  (only 11 days from Mary's Bday- hehe).   They decided to have a.....

Baby Reveal:  the new trend where the couple has a party to reveal the sex of the baby.  LOVE IT! The couple doesn't know, only the host of the party does and they blow up balloons and hide them in a trunk or box and the couple opens it at the party - everyone finds out together.

I wasn't able to make the trip to Texas for this, but thanks to Skype, its like I was there.  
We found out it is girl which we're so excited for but the amazing surprise to me was the name they have chosen for her: 

Emma is Mary's middle name and Marie is mine.  I had said quietly to a few friends and my husband that if I was to ever have a little girl,  that I would name her Emma Marie.  My brother or his wife did not know this, so when he announced to me that he was naming his little girl after his two big sisters my heart skipped a beat and brought tears to my eyes.  What a beautiful surprise.  How did he know?

Did Mary whisper in his ear?