Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little House to come?

Tuesday, May 17th
Chad and I had an appointment with a mortgage counselor to see what type of loan would work best for us...... We had no idea, but hoped for the best.
It was pouring rain, as we drove down the busy parkway, barely able to see, two flashes of red fly in front of our SUV. I looked over at Chad and said, "Did I really just see two red cardinals fly in front of us in the pouring rain?" YES! He saw them too.

As we are sitting in the mortgage counselor's office, I notice a large coffee mug with Wonder Woman on it, and then I look up on her desk cabinet and saw a picture of Wonder Woman. I thought that was pretty cool, my dad was a huge fan of Wonder Woman and anytime I see her (which isn't very often at all these days) I think of him. I felt comfortable in her office. She was a charming and smart woman who made you feel comfortable right away. I looked around her office some more and see pictures and even a calendar of a beagle dog. This was her dog she bragged. My dad had a beagle too!
These connections were comforting and everything went very well. We will be searching for the perfect little house.
We left her office and Chad looked at me and said, "I can't believe you haven't mentioned anything to me about that visit!" I looked over at him and said "what, the connection to my dad?" He said, "YES, but don't you remember what your medium friend Jim Fargiano said at your visit last January?" A lightbulb went off...... I couldn't believe I didn't make the connection! WOW...... last January in my visit with Jim Fargiano my dad came through and was showing him a desk with a bunch of legal papers and a little house!

This was a sign to us that we were in the right place at the right time.
Then, at the end of the day as I was headed on a last minute errand TWO CARDINALS (again) flew in front of my SUV. Two birds - twice in one day - Wow - that's all I have to say!

How lucky am I? How grateful I am!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Magic for David

May 16th is our brother David's birthday.....

David decided to spend his birthday with our mom down at the beach in Port Aransas. His girlfriend Amanda and his good friend Jason came along for some family fun in the sun. Our sister Lisa and her wonderful family joined them. What a gift for everyone to be together!

David, his friend Jason and our brother in-law Victor spent the morning on the beautiful beach lined golf course. David's present to himself. What was about to happen is a gift that he will cherish for the rest of his life!

First part of the course he lost his driver head cover along the way and for some reason when he backtracked it was nowhere to be found. What was found instantly was this beautiful bright cardinal driver head cover staring straight at him. It was love at first sight and he had to have it! Now if he hadn't lost his driver head cover, he may have passed this gift off not wanting to waste money on something he didn't really need. (I think someone up above knew that and wanted him to have it!)Second thing that happened is going to blow you away! David hit his golf ball into the ruff of the sand dunes (and when i say ruff, that's exactly what it is). You don't find your balls in those dunes. He decided to look anyway since it didn't go to far off and he saw exactly where it went. Well, he went to that spot and his ball was nowhere to be found - Nowhere! But.... he came back to the course with a ball that said "Happy Birthday" on it! How magical was that? (Again, I think someone above had their eyes on David!)

Then, after the guys calm down from the amazement of what had just happened on that course, they went on to play the next course. David will be the first to admit that he not a very good golfer (yet), but has fun playing, even if it takes several shots to make the hole. Well, on this particular day and following the events that already occurred, another magical moment is about to happen. DAVID HIT A HOLE IN ONE!!!!

And the crazy thing about all this - just the night before he had text to me that he didn't think our sister Mary has been with him lately. HA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY lil brother - Mary will always be with you!

Friday, May 13, 2011

How to train your Nephew (to smile for you)!

Brett mentioned to me a while ago that he wanted the XBox game "How to train your Dragon".....
I was going to buy it for him since he made the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society), but had been putting it off.
So........, I was talking to Kelsey the other night and asked her to take a picture of him for me and this is what I got:Yeah, yeah.... I know! What the heck, where is that gorgeous smile? I asked Kelsey to take another one but he won't sit still or stay put for Kelsey. Sooooo, I text her: "Tell Brett that if he gives you a smile for me I will go on-line and buy him "How to train your Dragon" Xbox game right now on Amazon." She said she showed him the text and he completely spazzed out.

He finally calmed down and 5 minutes later Kelsey was able to capture this:

This is what I was looking for! He's got a smile that lights up any room..... Just like his mommy!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Angels Among Us

It's so amazing, I had just told my baby sister Lisa that I truly believed that she is an angel on earth and I wanted to dedicate a blogpost to her. And, then I read the second paragraph of Chapter 15 in Mary Soliel's beautiful book "I Can See Clearly Now - How Synchronicity Illuminates your Life", the title of this chapter is "Angels among us".

Here is the paragraph:

"Imagine what it would be like to have a best friend who loves you, maybe even more than you love yourself. Always right at your side, this friend offers constant and unconditional love and support. When you seek success, this friend is your greatest cheerleader. If you act irresponsibly or in a hurtful manner, this friend still loves you even if you don't think you deserve to be loved. When you feel alone, this friend never leaves you. But what if you have this ideal friend without even knowi it? and, because you aren't aware, you don't acknowledge or feel gratitude for what this friend constatly does for you?"

BUT I DO KNOW IT :)! Mary Soliel is talking about angels here and I connect it to my sisters. My sisters HAVE loved me through some of the roughest times in my life. Especially the time when I was lost in life and battling some horrific demons.
My first thought when I read these words was of my sweet sister Mary and how amazingly true these words were to our relationship. I spent some time reflecting on that thought and feeling gratitude that I had an angel for a sister on earth, who continues to be my angel in my life from the heavens. THEN - a lightbulb went off.... "Holey Moley - I have two angels that are my sisters" - how lucky I am! I only thought of Mary first because she was so vocal about being my #1 fan and always cheering me on. Lisa does the same, but in a more reserved and quiet sweet way. My two Angels, very different but yet very much the same! Yes, they both were cheerleaders too - hehe!

Come to think of it, I have many angels! My dad was one, my MOM is one, my brother is even an angel with his unconditional love. I have also been lucky to have friends who have loved me unconditionally for the last 25+ years: Leah, Sallie & Tina!! Since I am naming my angels... CHAD, CHAD, CHAD! He is and continues to be my angel. He has proven his unconditional love to me for the last 17 years of our relationship. His family too - REALLY!!! Charlotte, Anthony, Nancy, Courtney, Brattney, Chris.......

Boy oh boy, I wasn't expecting this blogpost to turn out this way. It started out for Mary and she seemed to whisper these reminders in my ear. Just like Mary, saying its not all about her - she spreads the truth. How fortunate that I can hear! I know there are more as I can tell as I meet them!

So, sweet sister Lisa - I dedicate this blogpost to you! I hope you know that I love you more than words can say!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kelsey's Blissful Birthday Bash

The party began with its first visitor, a little red feathered friend!
Kelsey's Birthday is at the end of May and her best friend Hannah's is in the middle of May. They put their heads and hearts together and planned a combined Pool Party Birthday with invitations, cake, friends, music, swimming and even a pinata!

They have the nickname "Lil Beasties".... They chose Saturday May 7th for their Birthday celebration. Both girls put so much work went into this party! Kelsey started texting me and sending me pictures from the beginning to the end. I felt the excitement through the phone.
As the girls were getting ready for their big event, Kelsey started texting me around 12:30:

Kelsey: saw 2 cardinals already!!:D

Jeni: That's so awesome!!!!!

Kelsey: i know it was showing off too its not leaving either:)

Jeni: I bet it's your mom!!!!! That's so beautiful.... I'm smiling so big & my heart is melting!

Kelsey: :) awww me tooo

Jeni: It's gunna be an awesome day!

Kelsey Text at midnight: :) i had soooo much fun im so sad its over:(

Although I wasn't there physically, I felt like I was there because of the connectiveness Kelsey and I share! She is in my heart and I am in hers so wherever I am, she is and wherever she is, I am!
Together with love and compassion our hearts are on mend!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Synchro Sisters & A Cardinal Visit

So many wonderful people are being brought into my path lately ~ and beautiful relationships are being formed through like minded life experiences. One of these people is Lesley Roy- the director of the Synchro Project. On December 15, 2010, I found her, reached out to her to praise her work she's been doing with the Synchro Project, we connected immediately, spoke for hours, finally met at the Synchro Salon in NYC and then made some time of our own on May 2, 2011! We have nicknamed ourselves "Synchro Sisters"! I love it! She is very special to me and I cherish our new found friendship (old souls).

She even had a cardinal visit which brought her some comfort in a time of crisis after a horrific snow storm. She snapped this picture and then explained to me in an e-mail that I have here below:

"......I was really on the verge of tears while talking to my insurance agent, when suddenly, I looked out of my kitchen window and saw this most beautiful blazing Red Cardinal - staring at ME!!!! I have never seen a Cardinal in winter around here...or for that matter...maybe only once or twice in the last twenty years. So when this handsome fella was looking in my direction, I was shocked and amazed. Red really is the color of Synchronicity. I immediately thought of you and your Cardinal Synchros, and I was instantly snapped back into the reality of the moment...don't worry -be HAPPY! Nature is a wonderful reminder to be present and just breathe. I have wanted to share this with you since it happened........Love your Synchro Sista"

It's so wonderful to share my cardinal with my wonderful new friend!