Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little House to come?

Tuesday, May 17th
Chad and I had an appointment with a mortgage counselor to see what type of loan would work best for us...... We had no idea, but hoped for the best.
It was pouring rain, as we drove down the busy parkway, barely able to see, two flashes of red fly in front of our SUV. I looked over at Chad and said, "Did I really just see two red cardinals fly in front of us in the pouring rain?" YES! He saw them too.

As we are sitting in the mortgage counselor's office, I notice a large coffee mug with Wonder Woman on it, and then I look up on her desk cabinet and saw a picture of Wonder Woman. I thought that was pretty cool, my dad was a huge fan of Wonder Woman and anytime I see her (which isn't very often at all these days) I think of him. I felt comfortable in her office. She was a charming and smart woman who made you feel comfortable right away. I looked around her office some more and see pictures and even a calendar of a beagle dog. This was her dog she bragged. My dad had a beagle too!
These connections were comforting and everything went very well. We will be searching for the perfect little house.
We left her office and Chad looked at me and said, "I can't believe you haven't mentioned anything to me about that visit!" I looked over at him and said "what, the connection to my dad?" He said, "YES, but don't you remember what your medium friend Jim Fargiano said at your visit last January?" A lightbulb went off...... I couldn't believe I didn't make the connection! WOW...... last January in my visit with Jim Fargiano my dad came through and was showing him a desk with a bunch of legal papers and a little house!

This was a sign to us that we were in the right place at the right time.
Then, at the end of the day as I was headed on a last minute errand TWO CARDINALS (again) flew in front of my SUV. Two birds - twice in one day - Wow - that's all I have to say!

How lucky am I? How grateful I am!


susan said...

i love your cardinal sightings!! your family sightings!

Jeni said...

Thank you Susan.... so much happens all the time ~ I am truly blessed. I was even driving to the train early this a.m., thought about Mary & within seconds i saw a red cardinal on the telephone wire saying Hi (that was a first). :)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I sounds very much to me,that you are being given signs that you are on the right track with your house hunting,and if you happen to be feeling that deep comforting peace,when you see these signs,well,that's even more reason to believe that you are being guided by spirit.
Remember though,that you may not get the first house that you set your heart on,but by being guided to pursue that house,if you don't land that one,it often leads to a better one,that you wouldn't have found if you didn't try for the first one.
It's also a "coincidence" that you write about birds and gratitude here,because that is the next subject I'm writing about on my blog.Stay tuned.

I've also found an artist who paints cardinals,among other things,and I'm sure if you asked him nicely he would paint a red cardinal for you to buy from he's ETSY store.He does magnets for as little as $10US.
Check his store out by cutting and pasting this link into your browser;

and here is a link to the page of the sketch of the cardinal;


But I'm sure if you ask him,he could paint a red colour one for you at a very reasonable price.
He just does this store as a hoby,because he is a big name artist on the West Coast,with his own gallery.
Anyway,have a look and see what you think.
I've bought stuff off him (you can see pictures of them on my blog) and I love those little works of art that he makes.

Cheers /Daz

Jeni said...

Wow ~ thanks Daz - that's some great information & i love that sketch of the cardinal :) - I will keep a lookout on your blog for your next post (especially on the birds and gratitude)!
Appreciate you visiting here and your gift of the sketch!

John said...

I always like reading about how your cardinals/sister appear for you.