Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kelsey's 1st track meet

Kelsey's first track meet shoes - the coach gave her these funny Reebok's that don't fit her very well & were missing a shoelace. She nicknamed them the "Marshmellow's". After the race, a group of the other runners were hootin and hollerin at her saying, "Hey girl, like those shoes! hahahaha". Kelsey just laughed and said "Thanks, I like my marshmellow's too!"

Following in her mommy's footsteps ~ Kelsey is running track. She had her first track meet Saturday February 27th! Her school came in 1st. GO BULLDOGS!!! She did 13" in the long jump, ran 4th in the relay and placed in the 800 meter sprint! She did great and plans on working on what she can do better next meet. For starters, she got some new shoes to help her.... Nike spikes! Gotta love the neon laces she added ~ running with a flare!

She loves the race......

Kelsey + Mommy = Love for Jeni

I was cleaning out another box I had in storage and came across this KELSEY picture I had ordered after she was born... 13 years ago!!!! I had been meaning to frame it for Mary for YEARS...yup, years, but it ended up getting filed away. Crazy huh? I will be framing it for Kelsey now... better late than never!

I also found this letter from my wonderful sis Mary when I was in the hospital......
along with this and a few other pictures colored for me from Kelsey!

Such wonderful finds.... more memories to cherish!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blog Book - Another Wish comes true

I was posting a blog the other day and out of no where a pop-up of a link to make a book out of my blog appeared to me. In the back of my mind I have been telling myself to start looking for a way to make this blog into a book. Not just for me, but for Kelsey & Brett one day. I want to make it for them and give it to them at the right time. A time when I think is right.

I haven't known where to look and it hasn't been a priority to do this, but I am beyond amazed and grateful that this wish I've had is about to come true. I am so happy!! I love it when this happens -

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I got a call from my nephew Brett tonight and when I asked what he was doing, he said "Nothing, I just wanted to call to tell you I love you"!!!

Once again, my sweet nephew melts my heart.....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Last night at 11:11 pm, I was responding to one of Marys classmates who sent me some high school photos and will be overseeing the memorial committee for their 20 year HS reunion, offering my help. I looked at the clock & told Chad "Look at what time it is". Well, Chad was scrolling through Facebook at that time & told me to come over to where he was quickly. He had just stumbled across a friend request for an 11:11 group! Exactly at 11:11 tonight! Incredible!!!

There is something really special about that time.... I just thought it was connected to the last time I saw Mary alive 11/11/07, but am learning differently. I will share as I confirm and learn more. Stay tuned!

Memories being shared

I got a surprise E-mail from Mary's HS classmate and reunion coordinator, Jenn Greenwood last night......

"Jeni, here are a few photos I found in my sr book of Mary. You may have the homecoming/prom (can't remember which it is) photo, but just in case I've attached it too. I'll send you more as I find them (or if anyone else I know comes across them - my best friend, Cindy used to live next door to you guys so she or her parents may have some).

These are Memories to Cherish and I just love the help I am getting!! Thank you so much Jenn~ With Mary's 20 year HS reunion coming up, I am happy to help & supply whatever I can for her memorial!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Howard Payne Cheers

Mary just cheered and cheered and cheered and cheered!!!

Tulips of Love

Thank you so much for my beautiful tulips mama..... They made my day!
I LOVE THE COLORS (Red, Purple & Yellow)
They are still opening up - its fun watching them bloom!

It's nice to see something pretty especially after all I've seen the last 6 days is pain!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Sweet Valentine to cure

Just what the doctor ordered:
I've had a pain in my neck like I've never had in my life for the last 5 days. I even went to the ER & had to have an MRI. Of all the remedies the doctors are trying, it was this lil surprise I received in the mail today that is more of a cure!

For a brief moment my pain went away and I was so happy to see sweet little notes and stickers and even a little ribbon ~ just for me ~ " To Aunt Jeni, Love Kelsey"

It looked just like something her mommy Mary would do. I would get presents with so much love on the outside that I didn't even care what was inside!!!

Sweet Kelsey - Mary's little minion! My special neice and friend -

forever and ever! Amen......

Friday, February 12, 2010

Boo looking for lil Red

Poor Boo is always staring out the glass on the back door and watching the birdies from inside. Today I decided to let him out ~ (I figured he wouldn't go very far with the snow)... He didn't make if far, but he knew exactly where to look!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cardinals & Orbs playing in the Snow

I must have taken 10 more pictures in a row of the exact location after this blue orb caught my eye..... It only appeared in this picture :)!
Cardinals love to play in the snow.... they were all over the place today. I captured this one up in my tree.... i wish I had a better zoom ~

Cardinal signs

My niece Kelsey sent me this picture the other day from her phone with a little note saying, "I thought of you Aunt Jeni when I saw this"...... How sweet it that?!
Our cardinal shows up everywhere to remind us of our loved ones.
What a special little bird this cardinal is!
I wish I would have gotten a picture of the van that parked next to me at a light on the day I picked up my aunts & cousins up just days before my wedding. We sat there all together, happy as can be when my cousin Susan yelled out to us all, "LOOK AT THAT!" it was a white van with a big red cardinal on that said "Cardinal Electric". All 5 of us, camera feins that we all are couldn't get to our cameras fast enough. I think we were all a little slow from the shock from this coincidence! I had never seen or heard of this electric company in Long Island, but with some research, I found that it is based in Montauk, NY ~ hours away from where it was! Pretty amazing!
Here's a picture I captured in the "Chelsea Market"
in NYC outside a bookstore!


When I see you, my lil red bird ~ its not just a feathered friend I see!
The same day my Mary died, you came to visit me!

It's been almost two years and you haven't left my sight.... I see you out my window and hear you when I wake.

I believe you are a messenger - sent from above, to remind me that my loved ones are close - forever with me to love.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mary's babies...


These are some pictures I found Mary had sent to me.... I had to scan them, along with her words on the back! Precious legacies she left us. They are as sweet as they look! Thank you Mary!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Texas Athlete - Mary McCraw

Mary just loved a good race.... her speed and determination inspired others! I came across this article I had in a keepsake box and as I was reading it, I realized I HAD TO get this on my Mary blog. The person who wrote this captured her so well. I was reading it with so much pride my eyes welled up with tears. Mary was a joy and certainly something to write about. I wish I could thank this journalist for such a great story they wrote.
I treasure this story ~ it was our Mary winning yet another race! With a smile!!

Mary's Memory lives on

William Howard Taft High School
Class of 1990

In Memory: Mary Combs (McCraw)
I am so happy to have found that Kerri, Mary's best friend since jr. high school reached out to the right people and shared the loss of her BF (& mine) to their classmates. I too have gotten in touch with one of her classmates Jenn Greenwood who had some wonderful things to say about her:

Hi Jeni, I have granted access, so you should be able to go in and make your profile now. I was so sad to hear about Mary; We had a couple classes together over the years at Taft and sr year we sat next to each other in marine science... she always inspired me and made me smile.

I have a few photos I've uncovered that we'll be using for our memorial table in July at the reunion.... and we're going to be asking others to provide what they have so we can make sure she's with us at the event.... she touched many lives at Taft and it's important we remember her spirit and her constant smile.

Thank you for asking to join the group - I know the class will be happy to hear from you.


I'm so happy to keep Mary's memory alive!! I am looking forward to providing what I can to help those remember an angel we had here on earth. Mary loved everyone and most of all, she loved to smile and make you smile back! She was the greatest Cheerleader in life! GO MARY!!! She looked so pretty in red too! Love the Taft colors ~ GO BIG RED!!