Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mary's Memory lives on

William Howard Taft High School
Class of 1990

In Memory: Mary Combs (McCraw)
I am so happy to have found that Kerri, Mary's best friend since jr. high school reached out to the right people and shared the loss of her BF (& mine) to their classmates. I too have gotten in touch with one of her classmates Jenn Greenwood who had some wonderful things to say about her:

Hi Jeni, I have granted access, so you should be able to go in and make your profile now. I was so sad to hear about Mary; We had a couple classes together over the years at Taft and sr year we sat next to each other in marine science... she always inspired me and made me smile.

I have a few photos I've uncovered that we'll be using for our memorial table in July at the reunion.... and we're going to be asking others to provide what they have so we can make sure she's with us at the event.... she touched many lives at Taft and it's important we remember her spirit and her constant smile.

Thank you for asking to join the group - I know the class will be happy to hear from you.


I'm so happy to keep Mary's memory alive!! I am looking forward to providing what I can to help those remember an angel we had here on earth. Mary loved everyone and most of all, she loved to smile and make you smile back! She was the greatest Cheerleader in life! GO MARY!!! She looked so pretty in red too! Love the Taft colors ~ GO BIG RED!!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Mary was the best "cheerleader" in life. She always built me up and made me feel good about myself.