Sunday, January 22, 2012

$5 from Heaven

I bought a couple random cards today to send to Kelsey and Brett, Mary's lil angels.

I wanted to put a little something in each card before I sealed them. So, I checked my wallet and saw that I only had one $5 and a few $1's.... that wasn't going to work :(.
(You have to admit, its so much more fun getting a card with money in it. My dad always did that.)

I decided to take my Honey dog out for a quick doggy break. I saw my neighbor with his little dog Guy & started talking as our dogs were running all over the snow. Cardinals were everywhere. He mentioned he had a friend who is a bird watcher and I told him about my cardinal. He said the cardinal story gave him chills....

Then, as if out of nowhere I saw a $5 bill sitting in the snow near him. I pointed to the $5 bill and asked my neighbor, "Hey is that yours?" He said "No. I checked my money this morning and didn't have any $5 bills"........
I said, "REALLY? We've been out here and I think you even walked by that area".
He walked over to it and said, "No, not mine. Here, you take it"...... then he looked a little startled and said, "Wow, that appeared out of nowhere!"

YES, it did!
Well, not really "nowhere"..... $5 straight from HEAVEN ~ Amazing!

Hehe - it was meant for Mary's lil angels! She knew I needed another $5!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Crying in the Shower

I just had to post this to my Mary blog... there is something in this picture and these words that reminded me so much of me. I did A LOT of crying in the shower after Mary passed away. The crazy synchronicity with this picture is: If you look at the name at the bottom of the picture in white, it says "Jenny Marie" ~ THAT IS MY NAME!!!!!

(This was a popular post on my Little Red Bird Chirps page ~ 166 likes. It seems alot of people could relate to this picture too. There's something comforting in that. We are not alone!)

6 Word Memoir

Hope - Enthusiasm - Change - Pain - Recovery - Faith

I was born with HOPE. I live with ENTHUSIASM. I have experienced much CHANGE. With many of the changes came PAIN. I am living in RECOVERY. I am living with FAITH.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mary's Morning Visit

Thursday morning as I'm getting ready for work:

Chad was in kitchen.
I was in bathroom.
He yelled "Jen?"
I came out of the bathroom and said "What?"
He looked like he saw a ghost.
He said "I thought you were in the living room. I saw a 5 foot shadow walking around.... Now I have chills!".

Hehehe - My Mary was 5' tall! This is not the first time her Spirit has been spotted here.
My cat Boo was acting very peculiar too!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No More Doubts

I was driving through my neighborhood this morning.... Looked up at the sky and said:
"Good morning sunshine, I hope you know how much I love you!"

This message was intended for my Mary, not really the actual sunshine.

As I left my neighborhood I started thinking about Synchronicities, how they happen and how they are meaningful coincidences. Especially the license plates with the consecutive sequence of like numbers..... I was asking myself: "How does that work?! How does the universe put that exact car in sight. Is it really just a coincidence?" For those few seconds I had a doubt, then as of by magic, a white car drove past me with 555 on the license plate. I couldn't believe my eyes. I hit my steering wheel and said "WOW - you did it again!" I was in sheer bliss by this magical answer to my doubts and started to giggle. All of a sudden the song "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis started playing on the radio! This is my Mary's song. My bliss meter was off the charts.
I feel so in touch, so in tune.
There is no doubt my thoughts are being heard and I am not alone
- hehehe - lucky lucky me!

OH: throughout that whole day I caught the time's 2:22, 3:33, 5:55 & 11:11. I DON'T look for these times ~ it just happens by chance that I see them. (whenever I've ever 'tried', it never works)! These pictures here are from my iPhone - I'm able to snap a picture as I see the time.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th - Day of Signs

I had an amazing thing happen this morning as I was leaving my neighborhood.

I was driving through, looking up at the leaveless trees thinking, "Where are you Mary? Where are you? I'm really missing you today!"
No cardinal, but I did get a nudge to turn on the radio. A song I'd never heard before with the chorus "Everywhere I go I see your smile" was ending. I thought, "Awww, that's me about Mary!"

Then as soon as that song ended, the song "Hey Soul Sister" came on - I can't even describe my excitement!!
Mary - Mary - Mary, so attached to my soul!! She is with me....she actually hears me. Woohooooo!

As the day went on, so many number signs were EVERYWHERE! After the fun trip to the train, I got into NYCity.... headed to a meeting uptown to have my annual review, I happen to look up and see this address: 888 8th Ave!Then I caught this plate with 111!

I had a wonderful review and even got a little raise. I am so grateful for my job and don't expect anything, especially in today's economy, so when I got this news, I have to say, it was an answer to a secret prayer.

I left my meeting happy as can be and as I am about to walk into my own building, I saw a little red car parked outside with 444.Then to top it all off, I got this text from my precious niece Kelsey:

I am so blessed by my Angels......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Cardinal Visit

I was up all night blowing my nose - gargling with warm salt water & sucking on throat lozenges :(.... But as I left for work this morning a beautiful little female cardinal flew right in front of me as I was leaving my breezeway!

She's saying I'll be okay ~ YAY!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spirit Lives On

When Someone Dies, their Spirit Lives on in Us!
We can't hug them or see them with our eyes.
But we can still feel them in our hearts.
That brings me comfort.
I hope it does for you, too...
When we love someone,they become an indelible force in our lives, even after they're gone.
We remember the way they told a joke, wore their hair, and walked into a room.
The littlest things will trigger memories of the sound of their voice, their scent, the times we spent with them.
We recall how they dealt with hard situations when we are faced with the same things.
We think about them for no reason at all:
What would they say right now?
We will always wonder: are they watching over us?
Do they know how much we miss them?
Even though we'll never see loved ones who've passed on walk through the front door again,
I hope you can find peace with the knowledge that you'll always have a part of them with you.
When we love someone,Their spirit lives forever in our hearts.
~E.D. Frances

Angels for Mom

Last night I was acknowledging my angels at the same time I pulled into a gas station. I immediately saw $3.33 on an advertisement sign for Pepsi and my heart skipped a beat. I knew it was a sign from my angels. I've never seen a price of $3.33 like this and for me to see it at the exact same time as I was thinking of my angels seems magical to me.
I pulled around to a spot and as I got out to start pumping gas, a car pulled up behind me with 444 on their plate! My enthusiasm jumped up a few levels and I couldn't contain myself. What are the chances?! It was another sign.... now all I had to do was figure out how to take a picture without getting caught. It was tricky but I did it!
Later that evening I called my mom to find out how her Dr. appointment went. She told me her pulse rate hadn't lowered with the medicine and it was still a fast 138 bpm and the doctor made an emergency call to the cardiologist. The Cardiologist recommended that she double up her doses until he could see her in 5 days. Naturally my emotions caused worry and my mind was filling with sadness.

The next morning as I was heading to the train for my morning commute my mom's health was still weighing on my mind. I had thoughts going up to my sister Mary as well and then I felt a nudge to turn the radio on. The song "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis had just started playing! It's as if I was having de ja vu from the night before, my heart skipped a beat again! Another wonderful sign that my thoughts are being heard and being acknowledged. I knew it was my angel Mary!
The first time I had the song "Bleeding Love" was in the summer of 2008 when Leona Lewis sang it live on American Idol. There was something about it that made me think I Mary, so ever since, I've called it her song. I had this feeling Mary would love the song and as my abilities to feel her presence has grown, she has confirmed she loves it!
As if that wasn't enough to make my day, within minutes, I received a random text from my mom saying that she felt God and Angel presence around her!!
This was at 6 a.m. her time and I NEVER receive texts from her that early.....

Amazing Synchronicity brought to us by our Angels!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mary Christmas

It's been a Mary Christmas for Jana this year... Cardinals everywhere and Mary's love has been shining through! Helping her, showing her and comforting her..... giving her faith that it will all be okay.
Jana sent me a text telling me about how Mary is helping others through her too!

Here is a picture of a FB post that a friend of Jana's shared:

My friendship with Jana has grown this year with Mary in our hearts..... I was showered with cardinals and M&M's from our dear friend. I feel Mary's presence in her love for her!
We are so blessed!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey Soul Sister

An amazing synchronicity happened today....

I sent my SSS (Sweet Soul Sister) Jen Dio a text this morning wishing her a wonderful day ~ she sent a text back telling me she was a little bleh today and needed to hear that. Don't ask me how, but I knew that she needed it. She didn't give any reason at all, I just had this feeling. I was wishing we lived closer but yet felt so grateful that we found each other. Our friendship is a true gift from above! I was in the moment of gratitude when all of a sudden the song "Hey Soul Sister" from the group Train came on. It was a moment of pure shock - I started giggling out loud to myself as I was driving home.

I didn't know who the band was and I remembered that I had the "Shazaam" app on my iPhone that tells you what song you are listening to by opening up the app and pointing it to the radio. I'd never used it before and decided to try it now. It worked! I even got a picture of it on my phone. I was so excited. This had never happened to me before. My friend, Mary Soliel wrote about this kind of synchronicity in her book "I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates our Lives". I always wondered if it would happen to me. Even Jenniffer Weigel writes about her song synchronicities in her book "I'm Spiritual Dammit!".
YAY - now I can write about it too!!!Well, it doesn't stop there..... later this evening my SSS Jen Dio sent me a text full of excitement explaining that her daughter Haylie had posted on her FB wall at 11:11 the song "Hey Soul Sister".......

What an amazing Synchronicity! Our angels are singing to us!

One extra little synch today:
I text to my niece Kelsey that I was at the dentist again and she text me "bleh :/" - I've never ever heart that wo
rd before. I know "blah", but not "bleh"! Then, shortly after, Jen sent me the text that she was feeling "bleh" this morning. Cute little synch between my SSS & my sweet niece! Love it!


When someone you love passes away, you lose a part of you, then a quiet strength is born within you that you could not have without the experience of this true loss. As we mourn, we embrace a white light and this light changes everything. Your Spirit shifts and priorities are re-aligned.

An awakening happened for me on so many levels..... Less worry, more love and a sense of knowing!