Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey Soul Sister

An amazing synchronicity happened today....

I sent my SSS (Sweet Soul Sister) Jen Dio a text this morning wishing her a wonderful day ~ she sent a text back telling me she was a little bleh today and needed to hear that. Don't ask me how, but I knew that she needed it. She didn't give any reason at all, I just had this feeling. I was wishing we lived closer but yet felt so grateful that we found each other. Our friendship is a true gift from above! I was in the moment of gratitude when all of a sudden the song "Hey Soul Sister" from the group Train came on. It was a moment of pure shock - I started giggling out loud to myself as I was driving home.

I didn't know who the band was and I remembered that I had the "Shazaam" app on my iPhone that tells you what song you are listening to by opening up the app and pointing it to the radio. I'd never used it before and decided to try it now. It worked! I even got a picture of it on my phone. I was so excited. This had never happened to me before. My friend, Mary Soliel wrote about this kind of synchronicity in her book "I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates our Lives". I always wondered if it would happen to me. Even Jenniffer Weigel writes about her song synchronicities in her book "I'm Spiritual Dammit!".
YAY - now I can write about it too!!!Well, it doesn't stop there..... later this evening my SSS Jen Dio sent me a text full of excitement explaining that her daughter Haylie had posted on her FB wall at 11:11 the song "Hey Soul Sister".......

What an amazing Synchronicity! Our angels are singing to us!

One extra little synch today:
I text to my niece Kelsey that I was at the dentist again and she text me "bleh :/" - I've never ever heart that wo
rd before. I know "blah", but not "bleh"! Then, shortly after, Jen sent me the text that she was feeling "bleh" this morning. Cute little synch between my SSS & my sweet niece! Love it!