Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary

Today is always a special day.. July 31st! My precious Mary's Birthday! I have the best birthday present on its way to me ~ her lil legacies ~ Kelsey & Brett are flying to NY to be with me!! I can't wait to see them! As I was speaking to Kelsey moments ago a beautiful red cardinal flew in front of me to see. Rain didn't stop it - it wanted to say Hey!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Things from bad Circumstances!

I really feel like Mary is working lil wonders up there for me! Making Good things happen out of normally bad circumstances. Everything happens for a reason & I am happy about this:
My wonderful photographer who did a beautiful job on our pre-wedding pics in Brooklyn, had to cancel for our wedding due to a life changing opportunity. I of course was happy for her opportunity, but very unhappy about our most important day.
We took our chances and called a photog that was on our original list & chances were OURS! She was available for our date..... now we just had to decline the offer of our original photog. We actually loved this photog from the start but didn't meet with her because we met the first one first & went with her.

What a beautiful outcome...... Chad & I are so happy!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quote for the day....

"Strive to see the beliefs of others as different but equally important contributions to the balance of the universe."

I really like the quote above & when I was looking for a picture in my picture gallery to go with it, I found this one my friend Brooke had sent to me. She took this picture in a church in Italy & was amazed to see the blue orb in the picture. I thought the picture matched the energy of the quote. What do you think?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Signs, Signs,Signs!

So much going on... 12 days to the wedding! Mary is showing herself everywhere.

Last Sunday, we celebrated our neice Haley's B-day at Anthony & Nancy's and in a picture I took of Chad's mom holding Courney's new lil baby "Jaelyn", the blue orb was there..... it's been a while and I'd been wondering if one would surface soon. I've missed them. They are signs to me that Mary is around. What a gift.

Thursday I got home from work and was sitting in my car talking to Mary's dear friend Laurie on the phone waiting for the rain to lessen. As I sat there talking to her, a beautiful red cardinal flew to the bush that was right in front of my parked car. I was so shocked and so happy that I screeled in delight. Laurie was just as happy! I see the cardinals in back of my apartment, but never in the parking area, let alone in the pouring rain. What a blessing, what a miracle. Mary comes through. I've had a rough month at work and my personal time is filled with wedding "to-do's".

Today I had to go meet the director of our venue and give them our final bill for the wedding! My appointment was at 11. I was waiting in the lobby and decided to check my phone. As I did, a wave a peace came over me when I saw that it was 11:11. i kind of just sat there in a state of shock and was wondering if I could get my camera out in time before the minute turned. Luck would have it ~ I did! The meeting went well, actually so well that we are getting a lil refund due to our human error of adding 2 too many guests. That's a nice surprise.

As I am writing this, I have the blinds drawn to the ceiling so I can enjoy the beautiful summer sun and hope to see my lil red friend. Well, no lil red friend right now, but my special Robin who I rarely see out back (he's usually in the front), is standing in the mulch right outside my window waiting for me. It's quiet out back today, my bird feeder is empty :(. Only the birds of love still come for me to see. My redhead house finch is now looking at me. I'm so lucky!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flowers of Love

Would you believe I got both of these flowers from residents in the last two weeks.
I received the ones in the green vase last week from a resident's mom ~ she said these flowers came from her garden. This week, I received the flowers in the brown vase from my resident/friend Charlotte who received them and had to leave town so she wanted me to enjoy them.

Crazy how both sets have my favorite flower in them, "The Sunflower". Yellow and purple/lavender have been my colors all year and it seems that I am being surrounded by beauty with those colors.
How lucky am I??

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Miss you Laurie

I would like to write this blog to Laurie ~ Mary's dear dear friend who has helped keep her memory alive with her wonderful blog "Conversations with a Cardinal" and who is the one who introduced me to blogging last year. I don't know what I would do without this "outlet" I have. Memories to Cherish is my Mary memory keeper.

Thank you Laurie for everything.
You are a true Godsend!

Today's blog is in honor of you Laurie - for being so special. My blog misses you and can't wait until you return from your trip. You are my blogs only loyal fan... I actually look forward to your comments. Thank you for that too!
You are in my thoughts & prayers while you are away.....
Love you my friend,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

David's Cardinal Coincidence on his Calender

This is a really cool coincidence David found on his Calender...... He had written Mary's B-day on the his Astros calender when he got it at the beginning of the year... not even noticing at the time the little Cardinal that happened to be on it ~ Can you see it?
Mary is still with us & it is so cool how we can see the signs!!