Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Love from Above

I ALWAYS seem to get a sign at the most auspicious times.  Times where my loved one up above wants me to know that she is here with me.  Today I wasn't feeling very well, I was up all night with a belly ache, so I headed to Panera for  a late lunch of some brothy soup and then this license plate appeared in my view and took my breath away. I knew immediately it was my Mary sending me a sign πŸ™❤️πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘­✨ #lovefromabove

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Magical Moment


I'm doing a 21 day writing journey put on by Mike Dooley (TUT).  Each day there is a theme word.  On this day it was "Magic".

I have so many magical moments in my life it's surreal.   Just moments ago I was writing a story for my day four (4) theme "Intuition", and a magical moment happened. 

I wrote about a time I was called or nudged to go to the roof of my building i manage in NYC. No reason or feeling of reason  was given in this nudge and I didn't take the time to question it, I just went. I was greeted by a beautiful red cardinal in a tree on the roof there in NYC, followed by a little blacked eyed junco sitting right beside it.  I was in complete awe and knew it was a sign from above. My sister had just passed in the months before and she was showering me with signs everyday (birds, orbs, songs, 11:11, objects moving, feathers, electric signs, synchronicities, people).  I was surprised to see this beautiful bird so high up in the sky and in nyc where no parks were nearby.  

As I was writing this experience at my dining room table, I had the back door open for some fresh air, all of a sudden a cardinal appeared  just outside the door staring in and chirping at me.

That is the kind of Magic that happens to me almost daily.  

Love from above letting me know that I am not alone!!!