Monday, November 30, 2009

What Really Matters

There are a lot of negative situations that happen to us in life....
That is life!
Then there a tiny little moments that mean the world to us.

That is what we should focus on!
Last night my dear husband gave me that kind of moment.

I was in the kitchen doing the things I do to prep for the morning....
I walk back into the living room and he says to me:
"You know Jen, we may not have all that we want yet or be exactly where we want to be, but we have each other and just listening to you prep the coffee pot and do you nightly chores makes me so happy!"

That's what really matters most!!!
That is what I will focus on ;)....

The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work.
~Oprah Winfrey

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Mary

I cried today ~ mixing my tears with the shower drops ~ I was just so overwhelmed by the fact that my sister is gone and worse yet, her children don't have her anymore.

I just couldn't imagine..... it just doesn't seem fair. Mary was such a wonderful person and all she ever wanted to do was be a mommy. She'd said that for more years than I can remember. Mama Mary... that's what she called herself.

It just pains me to think that her little dreams she gave birth to don't get to experience their life with her. She treasured them and had so much love, encouragement and enthusiam to give them. I will love them extra as long as I live and remind them that they will always have me! That is my credo and will live it out the best I can. For me, for them, for Mary........... I believe love has wings and strings and there is a permanant line from Texas to New York!

Quote on the Power of Belief

What happens when you believe something with all your heart? Belief fuels enthusiasm, and determined enthusiasm explodes into passion. It fires our souls and lifts our spirits.~Mac Anderson

Thanksgiving Gratitude

I am grateful for the amazing signs I have received since my sister passed away. The cardinals, the orbs, the coincidental hopes coming to fruition.

I am grateful for surviving hell and living the blessed life that I do – through the eyes of experience!

I am grateful for what I’ve had and what I’ve lost. Through the loss I have gained a gratiude filled with wisdom.

I am grateful for my sincere desire and belief that true happiness is found in making a difference in peoples lives.

I am finally grateful for my faith that there is life after life on this earth.

I am forever grateful for the wonderful people in my life ~ you know who you are!!


Treasure your relationships not your possessions.
~Alfred j. D'angelo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Chirps

Unbelievable... I just have to post about this right now! I have my shades up to put some cling on cardinals to my windows. Then, all of a sudden, I hear the chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp (the speedy cry of the baby cardinal I am now familiar with). I couldn't see it anywhere, but I heard it. I think it is over the bush. I just blogged yesterday wondering "where did my lil birds go"? Today they are reminding me that they are near.

Then I look over at the clock and guess what time is was: 11:11 a.m.

I'm telling you, ask for the signs and they will appear!!! But first ~ YOU MUST BELIEVE with the whole of your heart and YOU MUST BE AWARE of what the signs are. Feel it ~ love it ~ treasure it! But first of all - BELIEVE!!!

Orbs in NYC

This picture was taken with my i-phone camera. I was in a taxi and decided I'd take a picture of the beautiful cathedral church on 7th Ave. (I've had this idea of making a blog called: "Tex in the City" so I started taking some random cool pics I thought would be cool to write about -it's still in thought process, BTW).

Anyway, I was looking at this picture a little closer and what did I see? 3 little orbs who must have been following me. Can you spot them?

Orb amongst the Combs Cousins

August 2008, I went to Illinois for my Uncle Ricky's funeral .... Uncle Ricky was the youngest of my dad's siblings. Heart attack at 59~ same thing that took my dad. He lived 10 years longer than my dad. I loved my Uncle Ricky dearly. There was something in his personality I always related to. We all miss him.

This picture above was taken of all my cousins (minus a few) at my Uncle's wake. My Aunt Judy took it and mailed it to me. I was going through a pile of my cards recently and came across it. I had it on my fridge amongst other family pictures and my Journey poster. My family all lives so far away so I have to post new pictures up every now and then as my way of keeping them close.

Like quite a few pictures these days, an orb has attached itself to me in this one.
Maybe it's my Mary, after all, she is one of the cousins!

How comforting to know that I have an Angel with me, that I can see.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Quote

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -- Mahatma Gandhi

Where did my birds go?

I've been wondering lately ~ Where did all my lil birds go?

I don't see them like I used to.... my cardinals show up here & there, but not like they used to. My Robin's are MIA! It's as if they were here for me during the year leading up to my wedding and since August, they haven't been around. The Robins would greet me in the morning as I left for work and they would fly in front of my car following me to the entrance of my apartments as I drove off. I would come home and find one at the tip of the roof of my building and I loved it - I loved them. It was as if they were there just for me. I do miss them.
A couple months ago there was a baby cardinal chirpping a million miles a minute and I'd peak out my window to see the mama bird picking up seeds off the ground and feeding them to the featherball baby. It was the sweetest sight I've ever seen.
Where did they all go?

This reminds me that we should never take advantage of these kind of precious gifts as we receive them, because they may not be here tomorrow. I did appreciate them, so for that I am grateful!
They were a gift. A gift from above. I was so lucky to have had them as I did!

Just as I had my dad & just as I had my sister.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I just love this poster....
I had it on my fridge for the longest time.
So much truth and love in this simple quote.

Broken Heart

Most days I am fine. I live life on the wholeness of the parts of my heart that are not broken.
Then there are moments in my day when the scars of my broken heart throb with sadness of the losses I have endured. They hurt and bring tears to my eyes.
It is then that I realize the important things in life. The people, not things! The moments!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Missing Mary

This is such a sweet lil picture of Mary when she was about 4. We lived in Long Beach, California. I have some memoriable memories of those days.. being a big sis to my Mary. We played, we fought, we laughed, we supported each other and grew close as sisters. Here is where I practiced my beauty school talents on her and where we cuddled up during rainstorms and watched the lightning from the front door. We played hide and seek behind the large palm trees and snuck strawberries from our neighbors garden.... we built a fort on the lower bunk beds and played "operation" in the dark. We caught the bus to sunday school and ran after the donut and ice cream trucks daily. Good times with my lil shadow, my lil sis. She was always there.
What makes me sad is now she's not. I've been missing Mary ~ my biggest fan. A peice of me is missing, I feel it often. This weekend especially so. No particular reason - there never has to be. I guess if i think about it, it was this time 2 years ago that I saw my sister for the very last time. Yes, that must be it. 11-11-07 ~ I miss you Mary - I love you so much - I hope you knew, I hope you know!

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Moment

A moment with my dad and my sister!
Can you feel it?

A Wink

I met a new friend the other day...

One look at my necklace and they had to say:

"What a beautiful Star that is!"

Proudly I respond, "It's from my dear sister who has passed away"

A sincere smile came across their face and then they said:

"Then that compliment I gave you was a wink"

I believe it's her way of saying, "I am gone, but am here with you to stay!"