Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orb amongst the Combs Cousins

August 2008, I went to Illinois for my Uncle Ricky's funeral .... Uncle Ricky was the youngest of my dad's siblings. Heart attack at 59~ same thing that took my dad. He lived 10 years longer than my dad. I loved my Uncle Ricky dearly. There was something in his personality I always related to. We all miss him.

This picture above was taken of all my cousins (minus a few) at my Uncle's wake. My Aunt Judy took it and mailed it to me. I was going through a pile of my cards recently and came across it. I had it on my fridge amongst other family pictures and my Journey poster. My family all lives so far away so I have to post new pictures up every now and then as my way of keeping them close.

Like quite a few pictures these days, an orb has attached itself to me in this one.
Maybe it's my Mary, after all, she is one of the cousins!

How comforting to know that I have an Angel with me, that I can see.

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Laurie Kolp said...

Aww- I know it must be Mary...she's always with you.