Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where did my birds go?

I've been wondering lately ~ Where did all my lil birds go?

I don't see them like I used to.... my cardinals show up here & there, but not like they used to. My Robin's are MIA! It's as if they were here for me during the year leading up to my wedding and since August, they haven't been around. The Robins would greet me in the morning as I left for work and they would fly in front of my car following me to the entrance of my apartments as I drove off. I would come home and find one at the tip of the roof of my building and I loved it - I loved them. It was as if they were there just for me. I do miss them.
A couple months ago there was a baby cardinal chirpping a million miles a minute and I'd peak out my window to see the mama bird picking up seeds off the ground and feeding them to the featherball baby. It was the sweetest sight I've ever seen.
Where did they all go?

This reminds me that we should never take advantage of these kind of precious gifts as we receive them, because they may not be here tomorrow. I did appreciate them, so for that I am grateful!
They were a gift. A gift from above. I was so lucky to have had them as I did!

Just as I had my dad & just as I had my sister.

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Laurie Kolp said...

That is so strange, Jeni~ I was just thinking the same thing. I haven't seen many cardinals lately. Maybe it the time of year? I wish they'd come back!

Love ya,