Sunday, November 22, 2020

Mary Mask orders

My dear friend Leesah Marie from Caring Cardinals sent me a beautiful CC Covid-19 mask to help keep me safe.  

I took a picture and sent it to her with lots of love and gratitude.  She loved it so much she asked if she could use my picture on her Caring Cardinals website and I happily gave her permission....

Only moments after she posted my picture, she received an order for two masks from a "Mary" ❤️

#nocoincidences #lovefromabove

Messages of Love


I don't know who SN O'Neill is but I received short but sweet email as a reminder to me that sharing the signs and love I still receive from my Mary is an important message for all to hear.  I believe it helps people to open their minds and hearts to the truth that our loved ones are always near.