Friday, May 30, 2014

Mary Bear for Kelsey

So happy this bear came out so perfect from my sisters sweater ~
a very special gift for her Kelsey's graduation and 18th Bday!
...... tears of joy- then she said:
 "I LOVE this bear so much!  I can't wait to sleep with it every night!"
 A special message of love from her mommy above:
Dear Kelsey,
A small bear made from my sweater
To remind you of me,
I am with you always
Though you may not  see
The twinkle in my eye
As I watch you from above
I am proud of all you are doing
And I hope that you know
My love for you continues to grow.
Love, Mom
July 31, 1972 - March 22, 2008

Bear made with LOVE by

Monday, May 26, 2014

Kelsey 2014

What a senior year Kelsey has had! God has blessed her with so many extra special moments.

PROM NIGHT - May 17th,  Kelsey and her boyfriend were crowned Prom Queen and King.
May 18th, they went to a reception for Kelsey & some other students who were receiving the JOY&HOPE Scholarship. This scholarship is given to students who have lost a parent or sibling and submitted an essay on how they help others now because of their loss. Kelsey applied for this in April with a beautifully written essay.
I was talking to my niece Kelsey the other night, telling her how proud I am (we all are) of all that she is and how she has turned adversity into lessons and love.
She said to me:

"I find it helps when I turn it all over to God and let him have all my worries and pains!  I leave the past behind and the future in the future...... It's so much better when I live in the moment ."

OMG - you can imagine how my heart leaped for joy!  I know her mom was in heaven doing twirls of joy.  Her little girl is making her so proud!

Then, May 30th she will graduate on her 18th Birthday!  We will all be there with LOVE!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Baby Chirps

I LOVE this sound... baby cardinal chirps

Little Red Bird Love

Here are a few confirmations that Little Red Bird is here for a reason.......


LRB Chirps

Life's greatest pains can bring the most enlightening answers to life's biggest questions.

~LRB Chirps

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Sister - A Gift

What a gift my sister was and is to me!  

The day she went to heaven a little red bird was sent my way - taking away the pain for just one moment as he stared at me - directly into my eyes - my life was forever changed - I lost my sister on earth but her soul survives and shares through me the real gifts of life!  

This one here as we know it is only the beginning.... I know that now for certain and because of that I'm able to live my life as it should be - free from fear and full of love because that is what matters most - that is what we take with us and what we leave behind!  

Thank you little red bird sent from above - guiding my life showing us all pure love! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cardinal Story on Mothers Day

 ...a loving lady named Sherri shared it on the FB page We Love Birds.... Mr. Cardinal hit a window, landed on ground gasping for air & she picked him up and massaged his chest until he perched on her finger long enough to get some pics then flew away.  She said it was a spiritual experience.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Easter Synch

SYNCH~ we've been looking and looking and looking for a home.  Well, it was the day before Easter and I believe we found it!  We took a picture of it as we were leaving and to my surprise, a beautiful white orb showed up right in the middle of it.  I happened to catch our mileage before we set off to our appointment to see the house... 3444.4!  I knew something magical was going to happen.  THEN, the next day at work I was walking to the train station in NYC and a bright red cardinal feather was  laying in my path - just for me to see!
The synchronicity in this story is that my Mary went to Heaven the day before Easter in 2008.  Here she appears to us the day before Easter on our soon to be first house.  She is everywhere with me. I'm so lucky!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I just love this artist:  Suzanne Millius at Studio3ten!