Thursday, May 8, 2014

Easter Synch

SYNCH~ we've been looking and looking and looking for a home.  Well, it was the day before Easter and I believe we found it!  We took a picture of it as we were leaving and to my surprise, a beautiful white orb showed up right in the middle of it.  I happened to catch our mileage before we set off to our appointment to see the house... 3444.4!  I knew something magical was going to happen.  THEN, the next day at work I was walking to the train station in NYC and a bright red cardinal feather was  laying in my path - just for me to see!
The synchronicity in this story is that my Mary went to Heaven the day before Easter in 2008.  Here she appears to us the day before Easter on our soon to be first house.  She is everywhere with me. I'm so lucky!

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