Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winks of LOVE

Love it when I catch these lil winks from above.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mary to Cherish - EVERYWHERE

Mary was cherished on this very special day yesterday! 3-22-14....Since she's been gone,  so much magic has happened, which has confirmed my faith (and many others), which has given me more purpose and meaning to my life than I can explain.  We all decided to let lavender balloons go in memory of her.........
Jen Dio and her beautiful family in CALIFORNIA

 ALEXA and her precious sons in FLORIDA
Our lil brother DAVID & his loving wife AMANDA in TEXAS

Jana - Mary's college roommate and sister at heart!  TEXAS

I let balloons go at 11:11 yesterday -
a time that started showing itself to me all the time after Mary left. 

 Our angelic and beautiful baby sister LISA and
niece Madison joined in the celebration from TEXAS too.

 Mama had a tough time finding lavender balloons at the beach but she did some traveling and found them across the island on the ferry - she and Roxy let them go at Mary's favorite place - the beach!  Love the lavender nail polish the kids painted moms nails - to honor Mary this day! TEXAS
Awwww - Melissa McGee!  Mary's college sister!  She shared this picture of her and Mary at her wedding - they both look so radiant and sparkle with love.  Their friend Jesse in LA shared Mary love yesterday too!  TEXAS
Ker Bear - Mary's BFF since Jr. high.... Love the special tribute and all her love too!  Can't wait to get the picture of your toes Kerri  - hehe - I'm going to do mine now!  FLORIDA
I had to share this Memory to Cherish here - my lil sis with so much spirit.  I was so lucky to have you for as long as I did.  You will forever be in my heart and life!  Thank you for all you did and all you are doing even from the heavens above.  Forever and ever sis!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mary Spotted

This was so touching what Tammy said I HAD TO post here immediately!  KIDS :).. they just know!
What a loving confirmation on this day.......

It's going to be a magical day, I feel it!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Angel Mary

AMAZING SYNCH - I just got this in my Little Red Bird FB email today:

Hi Jeni,

Can't believe this.. I was just reading your blog before and loving all of the beautiful stories about Mary and then I go on FB and see your posts. I have goose bumps. I don't know if I ever mentioned to you about going to the psychic or not but I told my friend that I would really be convinced if she mentioned my red bird which she did not, but she did keep asking me about a Mary from the other side and she said there was a direct line of light between me and her and wanted to know if I had a sister that had passed etc... a young woman. I didn't get it at the time, but I do now. I honestly believe that Mary led me to your LRB site and also to you. I believe that she is one of my angels as well. I thank God for our connection Jeni ... it has meant more to me than you could ever know.

Thank you my friend, and I too will send up a balloon for Mary tomorrow.

Debbie Bowen

What  a magical day today... the day before my Mary's anniversary of her departure to heaven!  She is not really gone at all - she is bringing so many friends to my life  - soul sisters.  Together we will connect and heal and love and inspire!  

Celebrating with Lavender Love

In honor of Mary's loving life and what a blessing she was to me and so many others, I'd like to cherish her memories and send her love by releasing a lavender balloon tomorrow!

Hard to believe tomorrow will be 6 years.....

Thank you Mary for confirming my faith and giving me so much even from your heavenly home ~ I love you forever my sweet sister attached to my soul!

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Friendship Meant to Be

There are no accidents - everything happens for a reason - RIGHT?

Well,  my newest friendship happened like that.  Christy Biggs......

I posted a comment saying how I would love to manifest Shajen Joy's "Ignite It! Own It! Live It!"  conference to NYC.  She currently has one planned in L.A. on March 29th. 

My comment was taken seriously and Shajen connected me to Christy to help make it happen.  We talked on the phone and I explained that although I would love to take the lead and make this happen, I am not able to due to my own career and busy life.  I offered to volunteer and be a part of it if it happens.  My "manifesting" was meant that I would put the wish out to the Universe and see what happens :)... It was a fun mistake.  I wished I could be more involved, but that is not where my life is today. 
During my conversation with Christy, I learned that she had just lost her sister 3 weeks ago.  We instantly connected and our friendship was born - meant to be!  Our sisters deaths are a connection that bonded us instantly and now we can share our experiences together and give comfort that will form into HOPE, give love that will form into INSPIRATION.

There are no accidents and no coincidences... this was a friendship meant to be! What a sweet gift sent from above through Shajen - our angel on earth!

Here is a post Christy posted on her FB wall to her sister (its just too beautiful not to share):

March 2 at 1:27am ·

My sweet, sweet big sister La Reine Renee. I'm so, so incredibly sorry. I love you. You- who taught me how to tie my shoes and sneak baby kittens into the house. (Going undetected for a whole hour!) I hate that this is the only way I know to say goodbye. Thank you for the gifts you've given to me. Hard and soft, fun and not so much fun... I learned a lot and I've loved more. I wished for so... much... more. So much more for you. I'm sorry for everything that caused you such pain. Forgive us. Please. And know always that You are utterly and completely forgiven. I love you. We all love you. You precious, gentle soul... Only us and God can know how wildly BIG your heart is. But W/we do. Fly, amazing woman turned free soul- fly to your highest, most positively yummiest heaven. And if you can... and I KNOW YOU CAN... keep going. Keep going, keep going, keep going... through the Light that You Are and into Eternity. I love you. Until me meet again. My heart to You.

This was my dads favorite song - I can hear his beautiful voice now. 
We played it at his funeral too.....

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


BELIEVE and you will see........


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mary visits Steffanie

Shortly after posting on FB the magical experience with the feathers and cardinal wind chime, I received this comment from the lil sis of Mary's BFF Kerri:

Steffanie wrote:
 - Craziest thing happened which I haven't even shared with my sister yet Jenny. I've seen and heard about Ker and your experiences with the Cardinal and I finally had mine this morning. I just woke and went on my back porch. The sun is barely lit and I saw a Cardinal in a tree. I laughed and breathed to myself "Hi Mary, miss you.."... and I swear it flew straight toward me on my screen and fluttered in front of me. Wish I could have captured it in a picture. It was really amazing.

She was not only my sister's best friend, but she was part of who I grew up with since I was 5 years old. I remember the last time I saw her at Joshua's funeral... and she hugged me and said to remember that through anything, I am her other baby sister and she will always be there for me. I still struggle and miss those bright eyes and beautiful smile. Love you Jenny and Lisa Dill Mendez. Tagging my sissy too. Kerri Brown Timothy. I love you all and Mary showed me this morning in her own silly and crazy "Mary" way, that she is at peace and happy. I'm in awe."

Signs from Above that comfort with Love

I was walking my dog this morning in the 20 degree weather - thinking about how quick I can get rid of this upper respiratory infection I got - then I felt a wave of warmth and looked down at the frozen ground and saw 3 tiny white feathers just for me...... I walked into the grass so my Honey dog could do her investigative sniffing (aka: face booking dog-style) and I almost hit a tiny little wind chime someone had put in the tree  - I looked closely and it was a faded cardinal chime - I felt that nudge - that confirmation that my sister, my Mary, was there listening to me!  What a beautiful feeling!

There were actually all kinds of signs today after that..... i found a dime in my path, caught 111, 333, 555 & 444 all over the place! 

Including today at 4:44!