Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mary visits Steffanie

Shortly after posting on FB the magical experience with the feathers and cardinal wind chime, I received this comment from the lil sis of Mary's BFF Kerri:

Steffanie wrote:
 - Craziest thing happened which I haven't even shared with my sister yet Jenny. I've seen and heard about Ker and your experiences with the Cardinal and I finally had mine this morning. I just woke and went on my back porch. The sun is barely lit and I saw a Cardinal in a tree. I laughed and breathed to myself "Hi Mary, miss you.."... and I swear it flew straight toward me on my screen and fluttered in front of me. Wish I could have captured it in a picture. It was really amazing.

She was not only my sister's best friend, but she was part of who I grew up with since I was 5 years old. I remember the last time I saw her at Joshua's funeral... and she hugged me and said to remember that through anything, I am her other baby sister and she will always be there for me. I still struggle and miss those bright eyes and beautiful smile. Love you Jenny and Lisa Dill Mendez. Tagging my sissy too. Kerri Brown Timothy. I love you all and Mary showed me this morning in her own silly and crazy "Mary" way, that she is at peace and happy. I'm in awe."

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