Sunday, March 2, 2014

Signs from Above that comfort with Love

I was walking my dog this morning in the 20 degree weather - thinking about how quick I can get rid of this upper respiratory infection I got - then I felt a wave of warmth and looked down at the frozen ground and saw 3 tiny white feathers just for me...... I walked into the grass so my Honey dog could do her investigative sniffing (aka: face booking dog-style) and I almost hit a tiny little wind chime someone had put in the tree  - I looked closely and it was a faded cardinal chime - I felt that nudge - that confirmation that my sister, my Mary, was there listening to me!  What a beautiful feeling!

There were actually all kinds of signs today after that..... i found a dime in my path, caught 111, 333, 555 & 444 all over the place! 

Including today at 4:44! 


A said...

I seem to see 111 all over the place today as well :-)

Jeni said...

Hi A~ those are lil signs - lil nudges, trying to get your attention. your angels are all around!
I'm letting a lavender balloon out tomorrow at 11:11 for Mary :)