Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mary to Cherish - EVERYWHERE

Mary was cherished on this very special day yesterday! 3-22-14....Since she's been gone,  so much magic has happened, which has confirmed my faith (and many others), which has given me more purpose and meaning to my life than I can explain.  We all decided to let lavender balloons go in memory of her.........
Jen Dio and her beautiful family in CALIFORNIA

 ALEXA and her precious sons in FLORIDA
Our lil brother DAVID & his loving wife AMANDA in TEXAS

Jana - Mary's college roommate and sister at heart!  TEXAS

I let balloons go at 11:11 yesterday -
a time that started showing itself to me all the time after Mary left. 

 Our angelic and beautiful baby sister LISA and
niece Madison joined in the celebration from TEXAS too.

 Mama had a tough time finding lavender balloons at the beach but she did some traveling and found them across the island on the ferry - she and Roxy let them go at Mary's favorite place - the beach!  Love the lavender nail polish the kids painted moms nails - to honor Mary this day! TEXAS
Awwww - Melissa McGee!  Mary's college sister!  She shared this picture of her and Mary at her wedding - they both look so radiant and sparkle with love.  Their friend Jesse in LA shared Mary love yesterday too!  TEXAS
Ker Bear - Mary's BFF since Jr. high.... Love the special tribute and all her love too!  Can't wait to get the picture of your toes Kerri  - hehe - I'm going to do mine now!  FLORIDA
I had to share this Memory to Cherish here - my lil sis with so much spirit.  I was so lucky to have you for as long as I did.  You will forever be in my heart and life!  Thank you for all you did and all you are doing even from the heavens above.  Forever and ever sis!!!!

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