Saturday, May 23, 2015

House Synchronicity

Amazing Synch:

I just went to get my blood work done at Quest Diagnostic by me. The nurse taking my information asked for my zip code and then said she didn't normally work at this location. 

She then said my address sounded familiar... She lived on my street until she was 12 but didn't remember the address.  She asked what my house looked like.  When I described my house as a ranch, she immediately, "Yes that was my house, my step dad was a vet from the navy and they had made the house wheelchair accessible... they put an electric ramp to go into the basement for him back in 1971".   I said "Yes, it was still there when we moved in last fall but had it removed since it was so old and we couldn't have it repaired".

I went on to learn that my lavender room was her bedroom but back then, it had pink walls, red carpet and a canopy bed!  Sounds lovely.  IMy husbands office off the garage was her step dads den.  I should have asked her if he smoked because we randomly smell smoke in that room. She said her step dad died young, he died from a brain tumor at 26. Wow..... ✨💛. 

So nice to meet you today Gwen R.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Signs to comfort

I was just driving behind a car with 333 - thinking of my mom & her heart ❤️ procedure she's having done tomorrow... I looked to my right and a beautiful red cardinal was flying next to me felt like someone's trying to comfort me !