Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Original Orb

You know, ever since Mary passed away, incredible little orbs both blue or white, have shown up in pictures with and around me. I have taken thousands of pictures in my life and have never seen these incredible things until now. I love them! I'm not exactly sure what they are, but I believe they are signs that I am not alone...

Well, I wanted to post these pictures because I JUST noticed the orb attached and around Mary.... !!

These pictures were the last time I ever saw my Mary. 11-11-07! Mary & I were always close, it's as if our souls are connected! I know we will always be together.... we are TWIN SOULS!

Incredible Visit

One of Chads friends stopped by the other night & in the middle of talking he turned around to a spot near him & said "Woah, that's weird, I felt like someone is standing right there!" He said they were about 5 feet tall!!!
He was freaked out & said the hairs on his neck were standing up!
Half hour later he said he saw the image again!!!!
It was the same spot where Boo was standing on his hind legs pawing at the air when I had that psychic reading on the phone......
Mary is with me ;)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Black Glove

I have some little black gloves that help keep my hands warm when its cold..... well there is something magical about them because for some reason, they just won't get lost. Yes, I know that sounds funny and i certainly don't want to lose them. I actually like them! The thing is ~ twice I have lost one of them and twice I have found it! Let me tell you:

October 22nd, 2009, I had to work at a pumkin fest that the residents of my building were invited to.... it was in NYC at our property next to Battery Park, right off the Hudson (Tribeca Park). Well, as you can imagine, it is very very very windy there. Combined with the wind and the cool fall temperature, my hands get very cold. I was wearing my little black gloves to keep them warm. I was working on the South side of the building and decided to take a break to get some hot chocolate for me and my colleague. The deli I went to was on the West side of the building which faces the water (verrrrrrry windy there). I took my gloves off to go inside. Did what I went there to do. I left the deli with cocoa in both hands. When I got back to my post ~ my lil black glove was gone :(!! Oh my ~ I figured it was completely gone, with the strong winds I was fighting, there was no doubt my glove stood still. I looked anyway. Once the event was over, I walked through the building (from the South side of the building to the North) to go home. Well well well ~ my lil glove blew around the building and was waiting there against the brick wall for me..... I couldn't believe my eyes - there was my glove on the opposite side of the building from where I was, waiting for me. Pretty fun huh??? You can only imagine how happy I was.....

January 21st, 2010 - I was running late for my train and had alot in my hands. My little black gloves were tucked in my jacket pocket where I thought they were safe. I have to run under the tracks through a tunnel to get to the side where the train picks me up. I had 30 seconds to spare, so I yelled to the coffee truck guy, "Good Morning Vinny, I'll have a cup today"..... I'm walking up the steps to the train with a friend next to me, I dig in my pockets for my gloves and cry out, "OH NO, I lost my glove" ;(... a guy who just came up from the tunnel said, "Is it black? I saw it on the other side!". That was great news, except the train was coming. I got up the steps and looked across the tracks ~ yep, there it was, I could see it with my own two eyes. So sad, no time to save it. My heart sank with a sigh of "so close, but no luck ~ time got the best of the situation ~ good bye little black glove". (Yes, I could have missed my train and taken the next one, but then I wouldn't have this story right?!) So, I run to my train car, get in and see that its full, standing room only. Then all of a sudden I hear my name from outside on the platform "JEN".... I turn around to look outside & it's Betty, my train friend who she too barely made the train. We went to the next train car where she always enters because she's in a wheelchair and we got a spot right next to each other! I told her my lost glove story & without hesitation, she called her husband, who had dropped her off and asked if he would go back to get my glove. He was happy to oblige - Yay Danny, my little black glove hero.

So there it is, the story of my little black glove that won't get lost!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

11:00 PM - Bird Feeding

I know this isn't a very good picture, but it was the best I could get. I was outside at 11:pm and as I looked over on my patio, I was shocked to see - a feathered lil friend on a feeding frenzy. Birds are asleep at night, right???? I couldn't believe my eyes. What was this lil friend doing out here in the 15 degrees night?! I got as close as I could and saw that his body was gray, with a patch of darker gray on his chest, a white ring around his neck and black around his eyes (like a mask). I was afraid he was stuck on the feeder or frozen so I walked up to it until I could almost touch it and then the bird looked at me and flew away. I was happy that it wasn't stuck or frozen, but it left me there in wonderment. I still don't understand how or why he was out so late. It was a sweet lil visit and brought a smile to my face as I like to think of his presence as some sort of sign for me. I am blessed, that I know and lifes little treasures are what I always look for.

"Life After Leaving" by Kelsey McCraw

This is a picture of the book. Attached is a friendship bracelet she made me with my favorite colors, green & lavender.
I knew my neice Kelsey was wiser than most 8th graders and has been through more than she should at such a young age, but after receiving this story she wrote, I see that she is talented as well. Some people/kids could go in a negative direction and turn introvert with what she has been through, but not Kelsey.... both her & her brother Brett got all "A's" on their progress reports and Kelsey wrote and illustrated a book called "Life After Leaving". Her English department had this project published. When I heard about this I said "please give me a copy - please"...... I figured it would be good. Cute. But what I didn't expect was what I got. An unbelievable story of a little girl named Abby who was angry and intended to be that way, but with a change of heart and a shift in perception, she realized that she still had alot to be grateful for and that she had a choice. She said a prayer and faced some fears and has found a way to live life with grace with the help of Jesus.
The story is so good. The situations are real. I'm so proud of her and hope there is a sequal....

Her late Grandpa Combs would be so proud of her. He was a writer and artist and this lil project is proof that the artistic blood has been passed along.

Kelsey wrapped the present for me and it brought tears to my eyes. . . .

because her mommy Mary sent presents the same way.

With added little notes & doodles of love!!!