Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Life After Leaving" by Kelsey McCraw

This is a picture of the book. Attached is a friendship bracelet she made me with my favorite colors, green & lavender.
I knew my neice Kelsey was wiser than most 8th graders and has been through more than she should at such a young age, but after receiving this story she wrote, I see that she is talented as well. Some people/kids could go in a negative direction and turn introvert with what she has been through, but not Kelsey.... both her & her brother Brett got all "A's" on their progress reports and Kelsey wrote and illustrated a book called "Life After Leaving". Her English department had this project published. When I heard about this I said "please give me a copy - please"...... I figured it would be good. Cute. But what I didn't expect was what I got. An unbelievable story of a little girl named Abby who was angry and intended to be that way, but with a change of heart and a shift in perception, she realized that she still had alot to be grateful for and that she had a choice. She said a prayer and faced some fears and has found a way to live life with grace with the help of Jesus.
The story is so good. The situations are real. I'm so proud of her and hope there is a sequal....

Her late Grandpa Combs would be so proud of her. He was a writer and artist and this lil project is proof that the artistic blood has been passed along.

Kelsey wrapped the present for me and it brought tears to my eyes. . . .

because her mommy Mary sent presents the same way.

With added little notes & doodles of love!!!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- somehow I am not surprised by this. Sometimes people go through the things they do so they can tell about it later. It uplifts me to think Kelsey is so strong and beautiful...just like her Aunt Jen.