Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Kids Now

Wow - so hard to believe Mary's lil angels are getting so big!  Brett's a freshman now ~ starting highschool with his big sis Kelsey!  I love this 2nd day of school picture!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Always Around

I had a rough dentist appointment yesterday - full of pain from having major work done.  So much pain I almost cried. I left the office in a haze trying not to think about the long journey home, praying the nova caine  wouldn't wear off before I got to the pharmacy.  Just moments after I left the dentist I saw this beautiful license plate staring right at me.  It was an Illinois plate in NYC - one I've never seen before with a bright red cardinal on it just for me :)....
I even caught a 222 & a 333 on two cars parked behind this cardinal plate!  I instantly knew I wasn't alone - love was surrounding me!  These signs of love are worth the pain. 

An added connection to this beautiful sign is that Illinois is where my dad is from ~ where that whole side of my family still lives.  I love this synch ~

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cute pic

Kelsey was fixing up her new room and came across some pictures of her mom and sent this one to me in a text saying , "Cute pic of mom :)"!

This is such a perfect picture of Mary - always smiling, always having fun and making everyone around her happy.  This picture is Mary as "Coach McCraw" with some of her swimmers!  She was loved and adored by all of her students! I can feel the happiness here!

I love it when Kelsey sends me these random pictures - they always make me smile.  Remembering her loving spirit warms my heart!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mary's lil Birdies

What a treat it was to have Mary's lil legacies with me this summer again.....  We got to spend their mommy's Birthday (July 31st) and my Birthday (August 6th) together - It's a special thing to do, it reminds me of  when we were kids, Mary and I ended up having our Birthday's together since we were so close - kind of like twins :)!
As soon as I saw this picture my friend Sally Parris posted on FB of the lil birds on the branch with the dessert flower, I instantly thought of this picture of me with the kids at the airport sending them home!  Sally posted it the same day I was at the airport - August 7th!  Love the synch.......

Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday Angel

I was at the pool with my mother in law, sister in law, nieces, nephew & 3 year old Goddaughter, Baby Jaelyn on my Birthday Aug 6th, when I saw the most beautiful cardinal in the tree. I smiled to myself and felt warm with love. No'one else saw it but my mother in law and me. We didn't make a big deal of it, we just looked at each other with a knowing - we just knew my Mary was here with us.

Then........later that evening Baby Jaelyn's mom text me:     

"Jaelyn is going to bed and she says MOM today I saw an angel at the pool, she was watching me from the tree's!"