Friday, August 24, 2012

Always Around

I had a rough dentist appointment yesterday - full of pain from having major work done.  So much pain I almost cried. I left the office in a haze trying not to think about the long journey home, praying the nova caine  wouldn't wear off before I got to the pharmacy.  Just moments after I left the dentist I saw this beautiful license plate staring right at me.  It was an Illinois plate in NYC - one I've never seen before with a bright red cardinal on it just for me :)....
I even caught a 222 & a 333 on two cars parked behind this cardinal plate!  I instantly knew I wasn't alone - love was surrounding me!  These signs of love are worth the pain. 

An added connection to this beautiful sign is that Illinois is where my dad is from ~ where that whole side of my family still lives.  I love this synch ~

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