Monday, July 29, 2013

Visiting Mary - Loving Mary Forever

I was able to visit my Mary July 25th when we drove to Beaumont to pick up the kiddos for our brother's wedding.  I didn't realize how emotional I would get driving there.  The tears started pouring as I got closer to town - the reality that my sister is not physically with us really sank in.  I miss her everyday, but on this day, my heart ached from the desire to feel her hug and hear her loving voice.
I didn't bring anything to put by her headstone, I was hoping to find something special on the way.  It wasn't looking to hopeful as we got closer to the place and then out of nowhere I saw that beautiful red stone cardinal out of the corner of my eye outside a garden shop on the way to the cemetery..... i made a u-turn and bought it without hesitation - it was meant to be!
There were dragonflies and butterflies all around and then i spotted a cardinal flying into the tree behind me! I felt my Mary - she was with me!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lil brother gets Married

David and Amanda! 
July 27, 2013
Here are just some of the reasons why:
our little brother got married and Mary was all around
cardinals chirping in the trees
dragonflies all over the grounds
ladybugs clinging to cars outside the reception
butterflies set free and at 2:22a.m. one was found on my brothers sleeve
M&M's were left on the kids table in honor of their mom
centerpieces made by Amanda's dad with a cardinal atop as a crown
homemade blueberry jam by Amanda's mom with a cardinal atop the jar as favors
so many special guests - childhood friends and family all attend

Monday, July 22, 2013

An Angel visits Mom

July 21st, Mom was at the pharmacy picking up two new prescriptions from the pulmonary doctor - she was surprised by the extreme co-pays for both prescriptions - $45 each.  She explained to the pharmacist that she will need to come back for these,   that she didn't have the extra $100 right now and to please hold these for her.
She went out to her car and was about to leave when a kind looking gentleman cautiously came up to her and said, "I know this may sound strange but I happened to overhear your conversation at the pharmacy and I feel like you should not go without these medicines so I went ahead and paid for them". 
Angels are always around.... What an amazing act of kindness this man showed to our mom!