Monday, July 29, 2013

Visiting Mary - Loving Mary Forever

I was able to visit my Mary July 25th when we drove to Beaumont to pick up the kiddos for our brother's wedding.  I didn't realize how emotional I would get driving there.  The tears started pouring as I got closer to town - the reality that my sister is not physically with us really sank in.  I miss her everyday, but on this day, my heart ached from the desire to feel her hug and hear her loving voice.
I didn't bring anything to put by her headstone, I was hoping to find something special on the way.  It wasn't looking to hopeful as we got closer to the place and then out of nowhere I saw that beautiful red stone cardinal out of the corner of my eye outside a garden shop on the way to the cemetery..... i made a u-turn and bought it without hesitation - it was meant to be!
There were dragonflies and butterflies all around and then i spotted a cardinal flying into the tree behind me! I felt my Mary - she was with me!

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