Friday, October 29, 2010

Affirmation to love

At this very moment,

The Universe is trying to manifest miracles

Through your visions, intuitions, and longings.

Imagine that your inclines

Are God’s whispers to your heart.

The same God that gave you the idea,

Will give you the means and support

To see it through.

The world is being transformed

Through people like you,

Who love themselves enough

To trust their inner guidance,

And relax enough

To let the Universe take care of the means.

~by Andrew Cohen(found through Lynn Robinson's blog)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meditation Synchronicites

My desire to learn to meditate has been strong for a few years now. I believe through meditation clarity will come and a constant peace will live in my heart and soul. Answers will come with this....

Chad and I are finally doing it! We searched and searched and finally a Yogi master was brought to us through the people, places and things in my life these days ~ My massage therapist who had taken a 5 year leave from teaching Yoga and Meditation has decided it was time to teach again.

They say, "When the student is ready, the Teacher(s) appear!"

6 weeks of classes - once a week for one hour. How perfect for us beginners!

We have both been getting alot out of it and are excited to continue on.... the Journey has just begun.

Some synchronicites have come with this new path of enlightenment we've been lead to. Just the other day after 15 minutes of meditating, I told Chad that I thought I should have a pad of paper and pen with me when I meditate. I have been having visions and feel like I should write them as I'm in this meditative state, to learn. A few hours later a close friend of mine from Texas emailed me and asked me if I've ever thought of communicating to my sister through writing. I was stunned that she sent that to me just as I had thought about it only hours ago. Later that evening I was checking my e-mail and received an automated note from a newsletter I signed up for a year ago - 11:11 Group. Most of them I glance at and just delete because they are a little "out there" for me.

BUT, EVERY NOW AND AGAIN there is one that just speaks to me! Well, this day is one of those.... Amazing enough, the topic of this days newsletter was: "Meditation and Writing"!!

I believe my question of whether or not I should write as I meditate was answered.....

Life is just amazing these days. Kind of hard to believe sometimes!

I'm not looking for these signs, I am only noticing them!

Loving Life and Living it to the fullest ~ Keeping loved ones here and there close in heart and mind! Remembering its a Journey, not a race. Life is learning.....


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Quote

"Once you go through something you think will kill you and it doesn't, every day is like a present" ~ Elissa B. Terris

Monday, October 25, 2010

Midnight Cardinal Calls

"A Call is heard and answered from a little Lavender Pad"....
I have a small lavender spiral pad I keep tucked in a corner of the built in desk I have in my kitchen. It's my Mary pad. I write sweet notes to her as thoughts come to me. Just little notes of love. I've been doing it pretty much since she passed away, not giving it much thought. I believe she see's it.
I'm writing about this now because last night I wrote a love note in it to Mary saying, "Love that my Robins are Back ~ You hear me don't you?!" After writing that, I had to take my pup out for one last grass visit. As I was out my door, I heard the familiar sound of the cardinal chirp chirp chirp out back. I listened very closely because Chad was telling me the other night he heard the squeak of bats. BATS?! yup, I guess... we even saw something that night fly erradically out of the tree. Well, a sqeak and a chirp can sound very familiar to me. I listened and determined it was definetly chirps. Several chirps if I heard correctly. I couldn't believe my ears. It was after midnight and birds DO sleep at night. I was so confused, thinking that maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. I decided to take the pup out front instead. The chirps got louder and it sounded like several of them were up in the trees all around me. They were chirping away. Even my pup Honey stopped her sniffing and looked up above her to just listen. I felt a peace and calm come over me... I feel like I am being heard.

Is it possible that this flock of cardinals was sent to me as a sign?!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Robins

My Robins came back!!Amazing is all I have to say! As I've been wondering where all my birds have gone this year (except my loyal cardinal)....they are appearing to me as I've wished! Except my Robin. Last year there were Robin's everywhere around me. This year none. Well, there was always one every now and then, but nothing at all like the year before.

You know how you just know when something is out of the ordinary or there for just you?! That is how I felt when the birds began to appear. I've mentioned this before ~ I've lived in the same place for over 7 years now and have always been perceptive, so when the birds began to appear I slowly knew!

I went out to walk the dog this morning and as usual, my thoughts open up and I start to ask inside my head, "where are you Mary?" "where are you?"......

ALL OF A SUDDEN, birds were all around me. I'm not kidding! In the trees, on the fence, in the grass, at the top of the roof tips, several of them! I must have seen over 2 dozen Robins! Flying in my path, up above my head, surrounding me and my pup!

A most wonderful feeling came over me, I was surrounded by LOVE!

How blessed am I to be comforted from those I love who come from above?!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Birds

I have been thinking, "Where have all my exotic, fun birds gone?"

Last year I had: red winged black birds, red headed house finch's, blue jays, mockingbirds, orioles, morning doves, ROBINS and of course the cardinals, just to name a few. Actually, the Robins were EVERYWHERE. Every day I would come home they would either be racing me from the entrance of my community to the section that I live and most days they were sitting at the tip top of my roof waiting for me. I would walk around the walking trail and they were everywhere for me to see. (Even at the tea room in Stony Brook that I went to to talk about catering for my wedding shower ~ there was a Robin holding a parking spot for us and at the same time we pulled into the spot, the clock was 11:11!)

Because I hadn't seen my plether of birds this year, it made me wonder, "Were they here for me when I was planning my wedding ~ taking my mind off the grief of just losing my sister?" "Why aren't they here this year?" "Seriously, where did they go?" They weren't here the years before. Only after we decided to get married did they all start to appear. (Except the cardinal of course - they have been here since THE DAY Mary died.) I was thinking about this all night last night.

THEN.... as I finished blogging my last post I look out my window and see the cutest little exotic looking bird along with a female cardinal on my patio. It looked like a mini version of the Robin, but the colors were deeper and there was a white patch under the belly!
I tried to take a picture, but my camera's flash ruined it and it flew away..... it's out there in the bushes, but I can't get a picture doggoneit!! I'm going to look it up and find a picture. I have to post it. (It's a towhee bird)
Mary my lil cardinal brought it to me! Truly Amazing......

As Mike Dooley from "infinite possibilities" says:


P.S. I was just about to push "publish post" when all of a sudden I heard a loud commotion outside my window. the largest most beautiful Blue Jay was was sitting in my tree staring into my window looking at me! I am being heard... what a beautiful thing!

The World I see

I was thinking last night, about how much my world has changed since my sister died. I have become more aware of the world around me. I have always been very perseptive and had a sixth kind of sense, but now its as if something has been turned on. There's a deep connection between the universe and me. Since then, I have been yearning to learn more and more about all the signs that have been appearing to me. Cardinals, birds, blue orbs, clock times, synchronicities, spirituality etc........ It's a whole new world I see!

I miss my sister more than words can say. Sometimes I have to fight back a pool of tears and negative self destructive thoughts like "I could have done this or I should have done that". Then its as if she is right there with me ~ I get this comforting feeling that there was nothing I could do and she is where she is supposed to be.

I've decided to explore the world of meditation and since then, my world has expanded even more. I believe everything happens for a reason and we are not alone!
We do have angels....and our loved ones who've gone before us are always with us.

My heart, mind and eyes are open! We are all connected I see and if you are reading this, know that it was meant to be!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kelsey updates....

HJ Homecoming day 10-8-10! Kelsey got her 1st mum
- sent with love all the way from NY......
Well, actually we just called the local florist and ordered it.
Instructions were:
"This is a mum for a very special neice! I want it to stand out and sparkle like she does!"

In the picture below is Kelsey in her '80's garb for school -
neon colors, shirt off the shoulder and flashdance pose!

MaryMaryMary.... my lil cardinal!

So beautiful and full of life! Mary, my cardinal.....

It's amazing how you showed up in the form of a cardinal the day you died - to NY you flew. I was just standing there in my breezeway crying to you when all of a sudden a bright red bird flew to my side, caught my attention and for a moment I didn't cry. I didn't think much of it until the next day we flew to Texas to say our good byes. As we were driving down the main road to the funeral home, we looked out the window and were amazed: flying by our side were two beautiful cardinals. Racing us! Just as you would do......Mary, my little runner!
March 22, 2008, my Mary died and the cardinals move in!
For 5 years I lived where I do.... never saw a cardinal before and now I always have two!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Sis....

Hi sis ~

I know you know this already, but I have been thinking about you alot - missing you!! 2 1/2 years your gone from us and I still can't believe it! I can't tell you how many times I want to pick up the phone and call you..... I imagine it sometimes - I hear your voice. Your enthusiasm would always run through the lines straight to my heart. Your love was such a beautiful thing to have.

Your memories are such a treasure! Memories I cherish! When I get sad (like right now), I shift my grief to gratitude and think:
"How lucky I am to have the memories that I do"

~Plus I know you are still with me ~

Thank you for EVERYTHING Mary........

I love you always and forever! P.S. I know THE ONLY reason your not smiling in this picture is because your mouth is full of candy (Chuckles to be exact!)

Beautiful Quote

"Allow your soul to soar and be shown the world on the wings of Angels"
~ Jim Fargiano