Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meditation Synchronicites

My desire to learn to meditate has been strong for a few years now. I believe through meditation clarity will come and a constant peace will live in my heart and soul. Answers will come with this....

Chad and I are finally doing it! We searched and searched and finally a Yogi master was brought to us through the people, places and things in my life these days ~ My massage therapist who had taken a 5 year leave from teaching Yoga and Meditation has decided it was time to teach again.

They say, "When the student is ready, the Teacher(s) appear!"

6 weeks of classes - once a week for one hour. How perfect for us beginners!

We have both been getting alot out of it and are excited to continue on.... the Journey has just begun.

Some synchronicites have come with this new path of enlightenment we've been lead to. Just the other day after 15 minutes of meditating, I told Chad that I thought I should have a pad of paper and pen with me when I meditate. I have been having visions and feel like I should write them as I'm in this meditative state, to learn. A few hours later a close friend of mine from Texas emailed me and asked me if I've ever thought of communicating to my sister through writing. I was stunned that she sent that to me just as I had thought about it only hours ago. Later that evening I was checking my e-mail and received an automated note from a newsletter I signed up for a year ago - 11:11 Group. Most of them I glance at and just delete because they are a little "out there" for me.

BUT, EVERY NOW AND AGAIN there is one that just speaks to me! Well, this day is one of those.... Amazing enough, the topic of this days newsletter was: "Meditation and Writing"!!

I believe my question of whether or not I should write as I meditate was answered.....

Life is just amazing these days. Kind of hard to believe sometimes!

I'm not looking for these signs, I am only noticing them!

Loving Life and Living it to the fullest ~ Keeping loved ones here and there close in heart and mind! Remembering its a Journey, not a race. Life is learning.....


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