Sunday, September 26, 2010

Who's Got Spirit?!!

Kelsey is a freshman in high school..... Can you believe it? This little teen has alot School Spirit ~

Here she is in her "FRIDAY Spirit uniform"! She is so excited to wear this every Friday so far during Football Season. All the kids bought these "Dickies" jumpsuits and decorated them with the school colors. Kelsey is so Creative, Energetic and full of Life!

Mary would be so proud! I am.

She went to her first highschool football game a few weeks ago and called me so excited about it. She loves the energy of the game. It's so wonderful to hear her happy like this.

P.S. She's going to the Homecoming dance in a few weeks.

She bought her first pair of high heels.... Oh boy! Stay tuned for that one.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Synchronicities ~Making Life Fun

I am constantly being blown away by the synchronicities in my life. How certain people come into my life ~ the how's and why's are unknown, but the course of life that flows from one surprising thing to the next is certainly Fun. I didn't even know the word "Synchronicity" until recently. Since discovering it, so many questions are being answered!

Here is an example: A couple posts ago (Middle School Memory), I blogged about my sisters middle school friend Jennifer G, who found me. We share the same date that is VERY SIGNIFICANT in both our lives for the same reason. We both went to different high schools our senior year. We both went to C.S. Middle School & J.M. High School (at different times) & we were both divided by that J.M./Taft High School line. It is just crazy how and why she found me! I was completely blown away.... trying to make sense of it and then:

The same day I received that e-mail from Jennifer G, I watched a show "Mary's knows Best" on TV that night. Chad recorded it thinking I may like it. It's about this crazy Long Island Psychic/Medium and her family. I didn't end up liking the show, but the lady in the show did say one thing I needed to hear, how "if synchronicities line up through one event, its a way of telling you that you are at the right place at that time." (something like that)! I really liked that!! Something about it made sense. So........ Chad googled Sychronicities for me and found this link that blew me away with the answers that were there.

Another thing about Jennifer G is that she seems to fit the description of the girl in my dream I had with Mary over a year ago. Mary had come to me in my dream and pointed to a girl at a table far off at the other end of the room and told me she was helping her..... I blogged about this dream on 12-29-08 -"My Dream~My Angel". (You can find it in my blog archives.)

I wanted to share all this here ~ because I feel like something incredible is going on here in my life!

I'm being guided ~ and I'm not looking for any of this....All I'm doing is being perceptive and "noticing" it all! Connections, Cardinals, Orbs and so many Signs! My eyes are being opened and looking back, I see more synchronicities. How I met Chad, how Boo came into my life, my job, Certain people in my life, even how our Honeydog came to us too! So many - so much!

Signs from above with so much Love..... I am right where I am supposed to be!

Synchronicities ~ a "wink in the cosmos"

"Synchronicity happens when God wishes to remain anonymous"

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cardinal messages

I am so very blessed ~ the cardinals bring me so much peace! They are my lil messengers. Each morning I hear them at the times I am supposed to wake up. As I am writing this one, a lil cardinl is looking at me through my back door window. Pretty amazing huh? This is for real... the lil thing is just too fast for me to take its picture!

I actually woke up this morning to a dream that a cardinal flew into my car window and sat on the ledge of the door with me. Crazy thing about that is that I had to borrow a car last night to get out of NYCity and was stuck in traffic for over 4 hours. I have to drive back this a.m. and am dreading it... maybe its a message telling me SHE is and will be with me on my drive into the City. :)
Even Chad is receiving messages... the other morning he was up really early and about to wake me up for work. I had a rough night and was up late, so he really wanted me to sleep a little later and catch the next train. As he was about to get me up, he saw a red cardinal at the window and decided with that that he was going to wait to get me up. Later train it will be ~ cardinal messages telling him I need my sleep! It worked out perfect because I saw a train friend of mine on the later train who's been carrying around 2 books for me, "Glimpses of Heaven" & "Angels in the ER". Amazing how that worked out. (Synchronities!)
My eyes are open and my heart is welcoming your beautiful signs! I have to say it again, "I am so very blessed"!!

Pflugerville Friend cntd.....

Receiving memories and pictures of our Mary is such a treat!

"I found this one but I know I have a few of my oldest daughter Shelby and Kelsey. This picture was taken at a hotel in Austin when Mary was in town for a swim meet, this was the last time I saw her. "


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quote on LOVE

"Unable are the loved to die. For love is immorality!"
~Emily Dickenson

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thinking of you today DAD

17 years today dad!

Gone but not forgotten and I know you are still with me dad:

"Nothing more sweeter than walking the puppy at 6 a.m. and being surrounded by a family of cardinals... Nice way to start the morning ~ with a cup of cardianl chirps!"

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Middle School Memory

Mary memories are coming from the least expected... absolutely amazing! A classmate from Mary's Jr. high found my blog and sent me a beautiful e-mail with sweet memories. She's not sure how or what lead her to the blog, but nonetheless, she read it from top to bottom! She was guided. There were some amazing synchronicities that came from this connection; a chronicle of events that educated me on what a synchronicity is...... I will blog about that later.
Right now it's about Jennifer G who found me! Read and you will see:

"My name is Jennifer I live in Boerne Texas (right outside San Antonio, TX). I don't know really how or what lead me to your 'blog' about your sister, Mary?....I attended middle school (7th and 8th grades) at Coke Stevenson Middle School in San Antonio....."

"...I am so truly sorry for your loss. I remember Mary - how could you forget her? To be very honest with you, I was always a little jealous of her. She was so beautiful, and thin, and popular and always had a TON of friends. Even though I was jealous of her - I couldn't help but like her. She had a magnetism about her! You always wanted to be part of what ever it was that she was doing, or be on her team or in her group, because you just knew she was going to make it the best place to be!"

"This may sound extremely stupid, but I feel that her magnetism is still very much out there pulling people in! I read your ENTIRE blog (from top to bottom)."

"....I have already said numerous prayers for you and Mary. Along with those prayers I have also sent a huge thank you to Mary for whatever part she may have had in leading me to read your blog."

There is ALOT more in between, but that will be kept between Jennifer and I now. She was lead to me and I am not going to let her go :)! Mary is an Angel now ~ just as I dreamed she was.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pflugerville Friend

Once upon a time, about 11 years ago, Mary lived in Pflugerville, Texas....
On the outskirts of Austin! I went to visit her there, with our brother David!
Mary began her swim coaching career at the high school there. With her tri-athlete background, Mary was a natural coach. She gave unconditional encouragement and shared her passion for achievement through her energy. The kids loved her, including her neighbor Kym Tennies who recently found me on my Mary blog as she was in search of her long lost friend and neighbor. She had some wonderful memories to share with me and now I'll share them here:

"I was trying to track Mary down through Google and that's how I found out about her death. I'm so very sorry for your loss.....I have a picture of her with my daughter when she came back to visit, I love that picture.. I miss her smile."

"...We lived next door to Mary in Pflugerville at Eagle Point. She was a coach at McNeil then....She made a huge impact in my life, HUGE. I’ve had friends that I grew up with that weren’t even close to the kind of friend Mary was to me....."

"I just want you to know that every time I think of her I picture her running and jumping across my yard yelling my name when I came home.. she was always so full of energy and love......"

"....I miss her as I'm sure you understand all too well. I wish I had tried to find her before all of this happened so I could have seen or at least talked to her again...."

It was such a treat to connect with Kym! Hearing her memories and sharing them with me was a breath of fresh air ~ Mary air! Thank you Kym for contributing your love. Any friend of Mary's is a friend of mine.

Together we are!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I Read You

From the book, "The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners," by Luanne Rice:

"Seahorse!" she said, obviously seeing my number on the screen.
"Starfish!" I said.
We basked in silence, just knowing the other was on the line. Peace, the ultimate connection, being together.
"Okay, I love you," I said. "I love you," she said. That's how we always said goodbye.

As soon as I read this I thought of Mary. She had a passion for the seahorse, almost as much as she did with the ocean and beach. And me? Well I have always been passionate for stars! Anyone who knows me, knows this!

You are everywhere Mary! I feel you, I hear you, I see you in the signs! I even read you.
I love you my precious lil sis and I thank you for staying with me.....

A Quote that reminds me of Mary

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." ~ Maya Angelou