Monday, September 6, 2010

A Middle School Memory

Mary memories are coming from the least expected... absolutely amazing! A classmate from Mary's Jr. high found my blog and sent me a beautiful e-mail with sweet memories. She's not sure how or what lead her to the blog, but nonetheless, she read it from top to bottom! She was guided. There were some amazing synchronicities that came from this connection; a chronicle of events that educated me on what a synchronicity is...... I will blog about that later.
Right now it's about Jennifer G who found me! Read and you will see:

"My name is Jennifer I live in Boerne Texas (right outside San Antonio, TX). I don't know really how or what lead me to your 'blog' about your sister, Mary?....I attended middle school (7th and 8th grades) at Coke Stevenson Middle School in San Antonio....."

"...I am so truly sorry for your loss. I remember Mary - how could you forget her? To be very honest with you, I was always a little jealous of her. She was so beautiful, and thin, and popular and always had a TON of friends. Even though I was jealous of her - I couldn't help but like her. She had a magnetism about her! You always wanted to be part of what ever it was that she was doing, or be on her team or in her group, because you just knew she was going to make it the best place to be!"

"This may sound extremely stupid, but I feel that her magnetism is still very much out there pulling people in! I read your ENTIRE blog (from top to bottom)."

"....I have already said numerous prayers for you and Mary. Along with those prayers I have also sent a huge thank you to Mary for whatever part she may have had in leading me to read your blog."

There is ALOT more in between, but that will be kept between Jennifer and I now. She was lead to me and I am not going to let her go :)! Mary is an Angel now ~ just as I dreamed she was.


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Laurie Kolp said...

Mary will NEVER be forgotten. She touched so many people and still is...her energy lives on!!!