Friday, September 17, 2010

Cardinal messages

I am so very blessed ~ the cardinals bring me so much peace! They are my lil messengers. Each morning I hear them at the times I am supposed to wake up. As I am writing this one, a lil cardinl is looking at me through my back door window. Pretty amazing huh? This is for real... the lil thing is just too fast for me to take its picture!

I actually woke up this morning to a dream that a cardinal flew into my car window and sat on the ledge of the door with me. Crazy thing about that is that I had to borrow a car last night to get out of NYCity and was stuck in traffic for over 4 hours. I have to drive back this a.m. and am dreading it... maybe its a message telling me SHE is and will be with me on my drive into the City. :)
Even Chad is receiving messages... the other morning he was up really early and about to wake me up for work. I had a rough night and was up late, so he really wanted me to sleep a little later and catch the next train. As he was about to get me up, he saw a red cardinal at the window and decided with that that he was going to wait to get me up. Later train it will be ~ cardinal messages telling him I need my sleep! It worked out perfect because I saw a train friend of mine on the later train who's been carrying around 2 books for me, "Glimpses of Heaven" & "Angels in the ER". Amazing how that worked out. (Synchronities!)
My eyes are open and my heart is welcoming your beautiful signs! I have to say it again, "I am so very blessed"!!

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Laurie Kolp said...

That's beautiful, Jeni! I love my cardinals, too.