Thursday, February 20, 2020

Cardinals of Love and Signs from Above


In Memory of Mary Emma McCraw

Melville, New York

On March 22, 2008, a little red bird flew to my side during the darkest moment of my life – I had just received the news that my sister Mary had lost her life. I was standing outside in the breezeway of my home, lost in grief when a beautiful red cardinal landed on the shrub in front of me. He took my breath away; he was such a vibrant sight. For a moment, my pain disappeared. The very next day I flew to Texas to prepare for my beautiful sister’s wake. As I was driving down the main road to the funeral home I couldn't believe what was flying right next to me. Not one, but two beautiful red cardinals, racing me to the home. The little red bird was just the beginning to the many signs and each synchronicity that showed me that there is more after this life and there is more all around us.

A few months later, I started a blog titled Loving Mary Forever in honor of my sister Mary because she was an AMAZING light of love. Her light shined wherever she was our entire life. I was three years older and felt blessed to be viewed as her star. I loved that she often called me her Silly Sis. She loved you before she knew you – it was in her DNA. In the early stages of blogging to my Mary, amazing things started happening. Signs were EVERYWHERE. I documented each amazing occurrence one by one and my faith grew as these confirmations revealed my sister was still with me. My grief lessened and hope prevailed. My little red bird kept appearing at crazy places and special times (along with making a home in my backyard), making her appearance to me along with each fun synchronicity! I giggle just thinking about her.

I am alright today but feel sad at times when missing her physical presence, her amazing Mary smile that lit up every room she entered, and the loving energy she always radiated to everyone in her contact. Sharing my Mary's story has given so many people hope, so I will continue to cherish her memories and share her signs of love to help others heal from their loss too. Also, with a soft nudge from above, Little Red Bird Chirps was born on Facebook. It is a comforting place to visit that confirms what the little red bird is – a sign from above!

Grateful, loyal and blessed to call Mary my sister.

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