Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nephew Brett

3-22-12 - Today is the 4 year anniversary since my Mary, Kelsey and Brett's mommy went to Heaven. Here is a sweet textversation between Brett and me:

hey can i ask u something

AUNT Jeni:
Ask me...

Are you kinda depressed just asking...

AUNT Jeni:
Yea.... I usually am the week before & today. Are you?

Well, If you think about it just brings your spirits down and you know shes in a better place now.
AUNT Jeni:
Here's the poem I wrote to your mom today....

The poem is really awesome and I think you should show everyon else :D

AUNT Jeni:
That means sooo much!!! I shared it on FB & on my blog. So many people (who love your mom) commented. I have another poem I wrote earlier in the week - when I started to get sad - want me to send?

Wow im extremely impressed hot dang that was good

Kelsey read the poem to her mom after Brett and text:

Awwwww! Thats is AMazzzzinnnnnn! I love it!

On This Day


On this day four years ago
I felt a break
And my heart tore!
I didn't want to believe it
No! It can't be so!
It seems like it's the good
That die young
The cruel live too long.
I later learn that the suffering
Is now gone!
I'm okay with that and
Know your where you belong!
A place I'll be one day
And when I am, I'll hug you tight
I love you I adore you I behold you
Is what I'll say!
Eternal bliss together..
With that in mind I can
Smile away!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Red Bird

On Thursday, one week before Mary's 4 year anniversary, I received a random post on Little Red Bird's FB wall from Necole Stephens, Spirit Medium and Reiki Master. She said that in a recent reading, a Little Red Bird appeared to her and referenced my FB Page (Little Red Bird Chirps), I first read it and thought, "Hmmm, that's cool... I wonder if that's Mary." I thought some more and then some more and I realized that it had to be her. Mary has had a way with finding channels to get messages through to me in the past. Last year on her anniversary a long lost friend of mine from high school reached out through FB and told me she had been tuning into her mediumship skills and had a visit she believes was for me. Yellow flowers were being shown to her and to contact me. Funny thing ~ I had bought some yellow flowers earlier in honor of Mary's day, along with a Lavender colored flower and candles. My friend ended up doing a reading for me that evening over FB IM and Mary came through. Her message was authentic - as if she was right there. She confirmed the large lavender flower, she saw my husband cooking sausages on patio, made comments about my sister in law Brittany being there (she kept saying "Hun" to my friend ~ Brittany calls everyone "hun"), she spoke about my brother and things only we would know.....

Also, about a year and a half ago she came through to my sister in law's reading with psychic/medium Jim Fargiano. Jim Fargiano told my sister in law that Mary came through to him days before she showed up and the morning of the visit a cardinal almost hit him in his head. He said she had so much energy and was such a treat to have visit.

The next day, I commented back to Necole on her post on LRB's wall, telling her that it was probably my sister. Necole wrote back and said that as I was sending her that comment, she was actually doing a reading for a MARY!! Wow.....

How wonderful this is! I was telling my new friend Sue all about it and she couldn't believe it..... when her best friend Cathy had passed away a year ago, Sue had come across Necole's website while searching for some answers in her grief. She remembered Necole because her name is the same as her daughters and Stephen is the name of Sue's father in law who passed. Necole's son passed away from the same rare syndrome that Sue's sisters father in law passed away from. Sue was just so amazed at all these connections on this day too. Earlier in the morning a ladybug appeared in her bathroom and scents of her best friend Cathy were all around her. My signs are connecting with Sue's signs ~ the ladybug is connecting Sue to my SSS Jen Dio now too! We believe our loved ones above are together now and playing with all.

"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy." ~Necole Stephens

Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Angel's Touch

The most amazing thing happened the other night. While meditating, I focus on clearing my mind and sit in peace with no thoughts. If thoughts do come in, I make sure they are good, positive thoughts. This particular night my thoughts went to an question straight from the heart. I asked my angels, "Why is my dad so quiet?" I asked this because my sister's presence has been so strong in my life since she has passed. I immediately felt a gentle yet firm touch on my neck and then a swift twist of it so it was pointed in the direction of my dad's picture on the wall. . I sat there still as can be, with my eyes closed. I was afraid to open them for fear of this amazing occurrence to end. I felt every part of my body with my mind and could tell my head was in fact twisted. I then felt my dad say, "I am always with you my angel, its just that your sister is much better at this than me!" I was in a state of pure bliss at this moment - a cross between my conscious and subconscious. Then the picture of a Robin appeared in my minds eye and it was confirmed to me that my dad was the Robin bird..... I knew it! I knew it! Now I know it!
Synchronistically: Right before meditation, I read Step 6-6 from "Michael's Seven Golden Steps E-Course with Mary Soliel:

6-6. You Can Feel Your Angel’s Touch:

Which brings me to my next wish for you. I wish for you to request for your angel’s presence and allow them to touch you to prove to you of their existence. They can hold your hand and you can feel the tingling of energy there. They can move your head very gently. Angels love to give feet washings, especially when you’ve had a difficult day.....

The magic doesn't end there, the very next day I see that Mary Soliel connected one of her friends with me on facebook. Gail..... she lost her mother several years ago to a massive heart attack at the young age of 53. I lost my dad at 49 the exact same way. The cardinal showed up for Gail soon after and shows up at significant times in her life, giving her signs that her mom is still there. No coincidences!

All these amazing occurrences and connections bring me so much peace and love. It confirms to me that our loved ones are still around and we are not alone! The more we acknowledge our angels, have faith and just believe, they allow us to see!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Know Your Out There Mary

I know your out there Mary
In the world we don't know
Giving me signs
Telling me you love me so
Not to worry
Not to be sad
Your in bliss - pure happiness
Staying close
To the ones who miss you
Showering us with your love
Making sure we know!
Your magnificent energy
Has touched many more souls!
Just like when you were alive
You continue to amaze me with
Your brilliance! Your pure love! Your radiant smile still shines from the sky!
Thank you precious Mary - my angel up high for touching so many lives!!!


Going Home
What does it feel like to die?
Published: March 8, 2012 ~


On the runway to peace, freedom, and love.
Oh my God, I feel incredible! I’m so free and light! How come I’m not feeling any more pain in my body? Where has it all gone? Hey, why does it seem like my surroundings are moving away from me? But I’m not scared! Why am I not scared? Where has my fear gone? Oh wow, I can’t find the fear anymore!
These were some of my thoughts as I was being rushed to the hospital. The world around me started to appear surreal and dreamlike, and I could feel myself slip farther and farther away from consciousness and into a coma. My organs were beginning to shut down as I succumbed to the cancer that had ravaged—no, devoured—my body for the past four years.
It was February 2, 2006, a day that will be etched in my memory forever as the day I “died.”
Although in a coma, I was acutely aware of everything that was happening around me, including the sense of urgency and emotional frenzy of my family as they rushed me to the hospital. When we arrived, the moment the oncologist saw me, her face filled with shock.
“Your wife’s heart may still be beating,” she told my husband, Danny, “but, she’s not really in there. It’s too late to save her.”
Who is the doctor talking about? I wondered. I’ve never felt better in my life! And why do Mum and Danny look so frightened and worried? Mum, please don’t cry. What’s wrong? Are you crying because of me? Don’t cry! I’m fine, really, dear Mama, I am!
I thought I was speaking those words aloud, but nothing came out. I had no voice.
I wanted to hug my mother, comfort her and tell her that I was fine, and I couldn’t comprehend why I was unable to do so. Why was my physical body not cooperating? Why was I just lying there, lifeless and limp, when all I wanted to do was to hug my beloved husband and mother, assuring them that I was fine and no longer in pain?
Look, Danny—I can move around without my wheelchair. This feels so amazing! And I’m not connected to the oxygen tank anymore. Oh wow, my breathing is no longer labored, and my skin lesions are gone! They’re no longer weeping and painful. After four agonizing years, I’m finally healed!
I was in a state of pure joy and jubilation. Finally, I was free from the pain caused by the cancer that had ravaged my body. I wanted them to be happy for me. Why weren’t they happy that my struggle was finally over, that their struggle was over? Why weren’t they sharing my jubilation? Couldn’t they see the joy I was feeling?
“Please, there must be something you can do,” Danny and my mother pleaded with the doctor.
“It’s only a matter of hours for her,” the oncologist argued. “Why didn’t your other doctors send her to us earlier? Her organs are already shutting down, and that’s why she has slipped into a coma. She won’t even make it through the night. You’re asking for the impossible. Whatever we administer at this stage could prove too toxic and fatal for her body, as her organs aren’t even functioning!”
“Well, maybe,” Danny insisted, “but I’m not giving up on her!”
My husband held my limp hand tightly as I lay there, and I was aware of the combination of anguish and helplessness in his voice. I wanted more than anything to relieve him of his suffering. I wanted him to know how wonderful I was feeling, but I felt helpless in trying to convey it.
Don’t listen to the doctor, Danny; please don’t listen to her! Why is she saying that? I’m still here, and I’m fine. Better than fine—in fact, I feel great!
I couldn’t understand why, but I experienced what everyone was going through—both my family members as well as the doctor. I could actually feel their fear, anxiety, helplessness, and despair. It was as though their emotions were mine. It was as though I became them.
I’m feeling your pain, darling—I can feel all your emotions. Please don’t cry for me, and tell Mum not to cry for me, either. Please tell her!
But as soon as I started to get emotionally attached to the drama taking place around me, I also felt myself being simultaneously pulled away, as though there were a bigger picture, a grander plan that was unfolding. I could feel my attachment to the scene receding as I began to realize that everything was perfect and going according to plan in the greater tapestry.
It was then that the realization truly set in that I was actually dying.
Ohh . . . I’m dying! Is this what it feels like? It’s nothing like I ever imagined. I feel so beautifully peaceful and calm . . . and I feel healed at last!
I then understood that even if my physical body stopped, everything is still perfect in the greater tapestry of life, for we never truly die.
I was still acutely aware of every detail unfolding before me as I observed the medical team wheeling my near-lifeless body to the intensive care unit. They were surrounding me in an emotional frenzy, hooking me up to machines while poking and prodding with needles and tubes.
I felt no attachment to my limp body as it lay there on the hospital bed. It didn’t feel as though it were mine. It looked far too small and insignificant to house what I was experiencing. I felt free, liberated, and magnificent! Every pain, ache, sadness, and sorrow was gone. I was completely unencumbered, and I couldn’t recall feeling this way before—not ever.
I then had a sense of being encompassed by something that I can only describe as pure, unconditional love, but even the word love doesn’t do it justice. It was the deepest kind of caring, and I’d never experienced it before. It was beyond any physical form of affection that we can imagine, and it was unconditional—this was mine, regardless of what I’d ever done. I didn’t have to do anything or behave a certain way to deserve it. This love was for me, no matter what!
I felt completely bathed and renewed in this energy, and it made me feel as though I belonged, as though I’d finally arrived after all those years of struggle, pain, anxiety, and fear.
I had finally come home.

Anita Moorjani had been working in the corporate world for many years before being diagnosed with cancer in April 2002. Her fascinating and moving near-death experience in early 2006 tremendously changed her perspective on life, and her work is now ingrained with the depths and insights she gained while in the other realm.