Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Red Bird

On Thursday, one week before Mary's 4 year anniversary, I received a random post on Little Red Bird's FB wall from Necole Stephens, Spirit Medium and Reiki Master. She said that in a recent reading, a Little Red Bird appeared to her and referenced my FB Page (Little Red Bird Chirps), I first read it and thought, "Hmmm, that's cool... I wonder if that's Mary." I thought some more and then some more and I realized that it had to be her. Mary has had a way with finding channels to get messages through to me in the past. Last year on her anniversary a long lost friend of mine from high school reached out through FB and told me she had been tuning into her mediumship skills and had a visit she believes was for me. Yellow flowers were being shown to her and to contact me. Funny thing ~ I had bought some yellow flowers earlier in honor of Mary's day, along with a Lavender colored flower and candles. My friend ended up doing a reading for me that evening over FB IM and Mary came through. Her message was authentic - as if she was right there. She confirmed the large lavender flower, she saw my husband cooking sausages on patio, made comments about my sister in law Brittany being there (she kept saying "Hun" to my friend ~ Brittany calls everyone "hun"), she spoke about my brother and things only we would know.....

Also, about a year and a half ago she came through to my sister in law's reading with psychic/medium Jim Fargiano. Jim Fargiano told my sister in law that Mary came through to him days before she showed up and the morning of the visit a cardinal almost hit him in his head. He said she had so much energy and was such a treat to have visit.

The next day, I commented back to Necole on her post on LRB's wall, telling her that it was probably my sister. Necole wrote back and said that as I was sending her that comment, she was actually doing a reading for a MARY!! Wow.....

How wonderful this is! I was telling my new friend Sue all about it and she couldn't believe it..... when her best friend Cathy had passed away a year ago, Sue had come across Necole's website while searching for some answers in her grief. She remembered Necole because her name is the same as her daughters and Stephen is the name of Sue's father in law who passed. Necole's son passed away from the same rare syndrome that Sue's sisters father in law passed away from. Sue was just so amazed at all these connections on this day too. Earlier in the morning a ladybug appeared in her bathroom and scents of her best friend Cathy were all around her. My signs are connecting with Sue's signs ~ the ladybug is connecting Sue to my SSS Jen Dio now too! We believe our loved ones above are together now and playing with all.

"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy." ~Necole Stephens

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