Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Angel's Touch

The most amazing thing happened the other night. While meditating, I focus on clearing my mind and sit in peace with no thoughts. If thoughts do come in, I make sure they are good, positive thoughts. This particular night my thoughts went to an question straight from the heart. I asked my angels, "Why is my dad so quiet?" I asked this because my sister's presence has been so strong in my life since she has passed. I immediately felt a gentle yet firm touch on my neck and then a swift twist of it so it was pointed in the direction of my dad's picture on the wall. . I sat there still as can be, with my eyes closed. I was afraid to open them for fear of this amazing occurrence to end. I felt every part of my body with my mind and could tell my head was in fact twisted. I then felt my dad say, "I am always with you my angel, its just that your sister is much better at this than me!" I was in a state of pure bliss at this moment - a cross between my conscious and subconscious. Then the picture of a Robin appeared in my minds eye and it was confirmed to me that my dad was the Robin bird..... I knew it! I knew it! Now I know it!
Synchronistically: Right before meditation, I read Step 6-6 from "Michael's Seven Golden Steps E-Course with Mary Soliel:

6-6. You Can Feel Your Angel’s Touch:

Which brings me to my next wish for you. I wish for you to request for your angel’s presence and allow them to touch you to prove to you of their existence. They can hold your hand and you can feel the tingling of energy there. They can move your head very gently. Angels love to give feet washings, especially when you’ve had a difficult day.....

The magic doesn't end there, the very next day I see that Mary Soliel connected one of her friends with me on facebook. Gail..... she lost her mother several years ago to a massive heart attack at the young age of 53. I lost my dad at 49 the exact same way. The cardinal showed up for Gail soon after and shows up at significant times in her life, giving her signs that her mom is still there. No coincidences!

All these amazing occurrences and connections bring me so much peace and love. It confirms to me that our loved ones are still around and we are not alone! The more we acknowledge our angels, have faith and just believe, they allow us to see!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Oh, this is so uplifting and delightful, Jeni. Thanks for sharing your synchronicities!