Friday, July 31, 2015

Celebrating Mary

 July 31st - Mary's B-day :)  
Headed to work on this special morning, 
this pretty lil feather was in my path.
i felt it was a little sign from above. Love you Mary!

Special Synchronicity: 
Received this random gift from a special friend today.... 
She didn't know I've always wanted a locket & 
didn't remember it was Mary's B-day today, 
but she had Mary in mind with the locket.

It was s wonderful Bday sis! xo

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Cardinal Comforts Courtney

July 3rd:
Last week the Friday before I had my surgery, I was nervous as all hell - when I left the house that morning a cardinal landed In front of my car and I took it as a sign of peace from loved ones that have passed and I told myself to relax - 2 hrs later I'm thinking horrible thoughts of my surgery and no joke a big white 18 wheeler truck pulls up next to me and it says Cardinal shipping and has a big red Cardinal on it... 5:30 that night I get to my hair cut appointment and on the counter are red and white mints and yes they had a pic of a red Cardinal and says Cardinal mints ..,  the weekend went by & I prayed the night before and the morning of my surgery and as always I asked for a sign....I had my surgery - I lived -  lol and when my doctor came to see me he said I took a picture of your tumor would you like to see it - of course I said yes - it was a gross thing on a surgical sheet under a ruler measuring the size and at first I didn't notice but after I looked the name of the ruler was Cardinal health!!!