Sunday, June 19, 2011


I came across this picture of a Memory to Cherish.... lil brother David, me and our DAD David going to an Astros game.

We love you dear dad and are so grateful for the time we had with you! You instilled unconditional love, inspiration and encouragement to be the best we could be! We are who we are because of you ~ thank you dear dad! We know you are always near ~ with Mary by your side and loving us from above!

Cardinal Comfort

Friday, June 17, 2011 ~ I had to have my gallbladder removed! I contribute my speedy recovery to all the love, prayers and angels (Cardinals) that were sent my way!

On the way to the hospital Chad and I stopped at an ATM - I jumped out of the car and a female cardinal swooshed right in front of me almost hitting me in the face. She flew to a bush nearby and chirped a little Hi!

Then, almost 10 hours later, I was out of the hospital and headed home! As I pulled into my parking spot, got out of my car, I immediately heard the cardinal singing from the tip top of the roof of my building I live in. It was 8:45 at night - how lucky I was to catch these chirping songs of love! (can you see the little splash of red here?) I wish I had a better picture but I'm glad I captured this:

My baby brother and sister (David & Lisa) were together that day and sent me the sweetest picture blowing me kisses! What a sweet picture ~ one I'll cherish forever! They look so cute here - like they did when they were kids - only 16 months apart, they always looked like twins - here they are again!Lucky me so surrounded by love - with my family and friends and love from above!

Little Red Bird ~ Logo is Process

(Logo decision is in process.... :).... hang tight!)

The cardinal has been so significant in my life since the day Mary died and has brought me so much love, peace and synchronicities that I've decided to share it with Facebook World.

"Litte Red Bird" has come to life! Chirp Chirp Chirping away!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


"If you've lost someone you love - do something to cherish their memory. Bake their favorite dish, watch their favorite movie, buy a bouquet of their favorite flowers, dance to their favorite song, post their picture on FB, do a blog or post - just honor them because they were here and touched your heart! Now they are IN your heart!!" ~Jeni

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angel Assignments

Through my "Little Red Bird" fan page, I have been connected to an angel named Rev. Jacqueline J Garner who has a fan page "Angel Assignments". Synchronistically she posted an Angel Message from the Cardinal that I was meant to see:The Cardinal is a power-packed bird that transforms and awakens us. Its color and voice are its two strongest characteristics. It is a member of the finch family and is often recognized by its brilliant red color.

When a person receives a message through the cardinal and they step onto a spiritual path, there will be no turning back. Everything else in their life will seem insignificant. Extra care must be taken here to insure personal happiness, particularly in the area of one-to-one relationships. Balancing spiritual ideals and physical pleasure will need to be instated in ones life so harmony on all levels is known.

Often the cardinal represents someone we love who has passed on & this is their message the cardinal brings~ To Be happy!

God & Our Angels often speak to us through subtle messages & symbols. Their messages can be like little treasures just waiting for us to recognize them. They may come as a vision, a thought, a word, a feeling, a sound or even in physical form.

By~ Rev Jacqueline J Garner, Angel Assignments ~ Please also join me on my fanpage at
"I see now that I have been led to just the right people at just the right time, in order to continue my education." ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Little Red Bird & Facebook

A week ago today I was inspired to start a Facebook fan page named:

Little Red Bird promotes HOPE, LOVE, Inspiration and Motivation through Positive Living!

In a time of heartache and despair, when life just didn't seem fair, a little red cardinal flew to my side and for a moment, made the ache disappear.
That was just the beginning...... today the little red bird chirp chirp chirps everywhere.

This is a place to share the positive lil chirps we all need to hear.

"Remember, life is a journey and everything happens for a reason. Life may not always be easy, but that's okay, if life was always good and easy than how would we know the difference between the good and the bad?"

Read them, live them, take them to share. In order to keep it, you must give it away. Chirp away my dear friends, I can't wait to hear!

Mary is here! With me and through me, her love I will share!
(a Logo is on it's way)