Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angel Assignments

Through my "Little Red Bird" fan page, I have been connected to an angel named Rev. Jacqueline J Garner who has a fan page "Angel Assignments". Synchronistically she posted an Angel Message from the Cardinal that I was meant to see:The Cardinal is a power-packed bird that transforms and awakens us. Its color and voice are its two strongest characteristics. It is a member of the finch family and is often recognized by its brilliant red color.

When a person receives a message through the cardinal and they step onto a spiritual path, there will be no turning back. Everything else in their life will seem insignificant. Extra care must be taken here to insure personal happiness, particularly in the area of one-to-one relationships. Balancing spiritual ideals and physical pleasure will need to be instated in ones life so harmony on all levels is known.

Often the cardinal represents someone we love who has passed on & this is their message the cardinal brings~ To Be happy!

God & Our Angels often speak to us through subtle messages & symbols. Their messages can be like little treasures just waiting for us to recognize them. They may come as a vision, a thought, a word, a feeling, a sound or even in physical form.

By~ Rev Jacqueline J Garner, Angel Assignments ~ Please also join me on my fanpage at
"I see now that I have been led to just the right people at just the right time, in order to continue my education." ~ Neale Donald Walsch

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Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- this is awesome. You might also enjoy reading my interview. It talks about why my blog is named Conversations with a Cardinal and includes the poem I wrote for Mary after she died.

Here it is: