Sunday, August 16, 2015

Emma Marie brings Magic

July 22, 2015
Emma Marie was born.... my newest lil niece and first child for my brother David and his beautiful wife Amanda.

Emma was our sister Mary's middle name and Marie is mine... what a gift lil Emma Marie is!

Our Mary was always the one who was so excited for babies.  I have felt her excitement from the very start......  There are many times I believe she has guided me to special gifts to buy for our loved ones at special times and I just know that these are gifts from her not me.

The gift for Emma Marie she guided me to was a LRB fan named Mary, who ended up making this custom order quilt for me.  So many synchronicities  with this gift.  The LRB fan, Mary is from a town in Louisiana close to where our sister in laws family is from.  Mary has grandchildren in the same town where my brother and sister in live.  She posted a comment on LRB one day that she liked a picture and would love to use it in a quilt..... I told her I was thinking of having a quilt made for my special lil niece and that's how it all began.
Magical Mary Quilt

The morning Emma was born I was at my kitchen table looking out into my backyard and noticed the most beautiful Monarch butterfly.  I remember seeing a caterpillar in our yard on a few weeks before.
An hour later,  i got the news that Emma too had arrived!  I connected the two and it made me smile.

I made plans to fly to Texas as soon as I could.   

The magic continues..... 
The night before I'm about to fly out,  a dozen ladybugs filled my front patio.  What a beautiful sight that was......
On the way to the airport a Cardinal truck is driving alongside of me.......
As my plane lands in Houston and is rolling up to the gate,  I look out the window and the first thing I see is a dragonfly hovering around outside of my window.  I was speechless - I  couldn't believe my eyes.  Were they deceiving me?  This was the best picture I could get from my seat.
THEN..... that evening, the most unbelievable surprise of all.  As we were relaxing around the pool that evening,  the largest most beautiful dragonfly lands on me and stays until I make it leave.  It was magical - so sweet - my brother even got a 5 minute long video of us playing with it.
That same day that I arrived,  the beautiful quilt arrived too.   It was supposed to have gotten there days before, but fate would have it to arrive so I could answer the door.  
I have had a lot of magic happen since my Mary passed away but this is the most amazing sequence of  events  - showing us how excited Mary is and how she is still very much a part of our lives!
Loving Mary Forever, Amen!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cardinals Appear When Angels are Near

The Cardinal:
A magnificent bird with a life span of up to 15 years. Said to symbolize hope,  joy,  health, rejuvenation and celebration.  Especially to the ones who look beyond in search of their meaning.
For those who choose to hold the Cardinal dear – you are a special type of person – rare, energetic, and always willing to care for those in need.

click on this link to read a beautiful cardinal story on Our Wander Life site.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Celebrating Mary

 July 31st - Mary's B-day :)  
Headed to work on this special morning, 
this pretty lil feather was in my path.
i felt it was a little sign from above. Love you Mary!

Special Synchronicity: 
Received this random gift from a special friend today.... 
She didn't know I've always wanted a locket & 
didn't remember it was Mary's B-day today, 
but she had Mary in mind with the locket.

It was s wonderful Bday sis! xo

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

Cardinal Comforts Courtney

July 3rd:
Last week the Friday before I had my surgery, I was nervous as all hell - when I left the house that morning a cardinal landed In front of my car and I took it as a sign of peace from loved ones that have passed and I told myself to relax - 2 hrs later I'm thinking horrible thoughts of my surgery and no joke a big white 18 wheeler truck pulls up next to me and it says Cardinal shipping and has a big red Cardinal on it... 5:30 that night I get to my hair cut appointment and on the counter are red and white mints and yes they had a pic of a red Cardinal and says Cardinal mints ..,  the weekend went by & I prayed the night before and the morning of my surgery and as always I asked for a sign....I had my surgery - I lived -  lol and when my doctor came to see me he said I took a picture of your tumor would you like to see it - of course I said yes - it was a gross thing on a surgical sheet under a ruler measuring the size and at first I didn't notice but after I looked the name of the ruler was Cardinal health!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

House Synchronicity

Amazing Synch:

I just went to get my blood work done at Quest Diagnostic by me. The nurse taking my information asked for my zip code and then said she didn't normally work at this location. 

She then said my address sounded familiar... She lived on my street until she was 12 but didn't remember the address.  She asked what my house looked like.  When I described my house as a ranch, she immediately, "Yes that was my house, my step dad was a vet from the navy and they had made the house wheelchair accessible... they put an electric ramp to go into the basement for him back in 1971".   I said "Yes, it was still there when we moved in last fall but had it removed since it was so old and we couldn't have it repaired".

I went on to learn that my lavender room was her bedroom but back then, it had pink walls, red carpet and a canopy bed!  Sounds lovely.  IMy husbands office off the garage was her step dads den.  I should have asked her if he smoked because we randomly smell smoke in that room. She said her step dad died young, he died from a brain tumor at 26. Wow..... ✨💛. 

So nice to meet you today Gwen R.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Signs to comfort

I was just driving behind a car with 333 - thinking of my mom & her heart ❤️ procedure she's having done tomorrow... I looked to my right and a beautiful red cardinal was flying next to me felt like someone's trying to comfort me !

Friday, April 17, 2015

Girlfriends in God: Cardinal story

AMAZING  SYNCH - my friend Sharon thought of me when she read this beautiful cardinal story from, Girlfriends in God email she received.   The synch is that the author's name is Mary and is from Texas.  This happens so often.... so many Mary's  and Texas connections.  Synchronicities meant just for me.
From: Sharon Johnson
Date: April 17, 2015
Suject:  Girlfriends in God - Friday, April 17, 2015
Hi Jen,
Hadn't talked to you in awhile so using this opportunity to say hello.  You may already be a subscriber to girlfriend in God but just in case not, thought I'd share this devotional as it made me think of you.
Pray that all is well!

Sharon S. Johnson
who through God's Amazing Grace
is now the published author of Verses of Victory
and the award-winning inspirational story
God Must Have Wanted Me to Smile

April 17, 2015
Here’s Your Sign
Mary Southerland

Today’s Truth
Therefore encourage one another and build each other up(1 Thessalonians 5:11).
Friend to Friend
The red bird gently landed on the tree branch in front of the kitchen window.
Carla gasped when the bird first appeared. But then a smile slowly spread across her face as she closed her eyes and whispered a reverent prayer, “Thank you, Lord.”
It was definitely a holy moment. I didn’t really know why. I just felt it.
“What was that all about?” I finally asked.
My sweet friend sighed, still staring at the red bird.
“Mary, it has been a really hard week. This morning, I couldn’t take it any more. I lost it, and just ranted and raved, pouring out all of my anger and frustration to God!” Tears began to down her cheeks. I hugged her … and then the sobs began. When she had cried enough, Carla said, “God sent me this red bird as a reminder that everything is going to be okay. Kind of like a rainbow at the end of a storm.”
I still didn’t get it.
“The red bird,” she said. And pointed to the beautiful creature still perched on the branch. The bird was now looking at us. It was almost weird. No. It was officially weird. Since when do birds just sit on branches and stare at people?
“Red birds are my sign,” Carla explained. “Every time I am discouraged or having a really hard time, I will inevitably see a red bird and remember the promises of God. The red bird reminds me that He is faithful and that He will come through for me. I really can’t remember how it all started. I just know God gave me red birds as a sign of encouragement from God.”
Interesting. I had come to see Carla, looking for encouragement and comfort … for me! Carla wasn’t the only one who had muddled through a hard week.
Dan and I were living in Nacogdoches, Texas in a roach-infested apartment while he finished college. I worked for the welfare department and absolutely hated my job. I won’t go into all of the reasons why I hated my job, but let’s just say I did not relish trying to prove that most of my cases were fraudulent. I was supposed to be teaching sweet innocent little second grade children, but there were no openings in the local school district. And it was just for one year. How bad could it be? I quickly found out it could be really bad. Rumor was that one of the clients whose claim I had denied was in town looking for me … and she had a gun. Not. Kidding.
Thanksgiving was only a week away. All of our friends were going home to visit their families. Dan and I did not have the money to go home, and I only had one day off anyway.
My mother was battling cancer.
I had a cyst on an ovary … and the doctor was not sure what we were facing.
I had a whole list of questions and fears and doubts … and I really didn’t know what to do with any of them. I was scared, tired, and homesick.
I was having what I thought was a well deserved pity party when Carla whirled around, her face awash with tears and her eyes dancing with joy. She grabbed me in a fierce hug and said, “You know what? You and Dan are spending Thanksgiving with us! And I am giving you my red bird! Yep! God just told me that from now on, when you see a red bird, it is Him telling you that everything is going to be okay.”
Okay. No one had ever given me a red bird before. But it seemed to work for Carla, so I hugged her back and thanked her for sharing.
Now I know that grounded believers are supposed to walk by faith and not need signs from God. When trouble rocks their world, they simply stand firm in their faith.
But I am being honest here. There are times when I need a reminder that God really is who He says He is and that He will do what He said He would do in His Word – and that He would do those things … for me. I need encouragement.
And God is faithful to send that encouragement through His Word … through times of gut-wrenching prayer … through faithful friends … through my husband … through women to whom I minister and through women with whom I minister… and yes, even through red birds.
He understands my pain. He is with me and He is for me. It doesn’t really matter how He does it. God will always find a way to get to me … to show me just how much He loves me. And He will do the same for you.
Let’s Pray
Father, thank You for the gift of encouragement You constantly give me. When I am tired, You give me the strength to go on. When I am discouraged, You give me hope. When I am afraid, You are my peace. I praise You for your love and faithfulness to me, Lord.
In Jesus’ name,


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mary Tribute 2015

What a beautiful day today!!! 
I'm headed out to buy my Mary balloons and I hear a familiar chirp chirp chirp up above...... There's a bright red cardinal staring straight at me from the tree !
It was this day.... 7 years ago Mary left the earth and the cardinal flew to my side! ❤