Friday, May 5, 2017

Mary is with Me

Today I was headed to the Dr for a medical procedure  and a cardinal appeared in my path on the way to the office....... then a truck was driving in front of us with a large angel on it and when I got into the office and sat down, and they called Mary (my sister in heavens name!)..... See, they never leave us!   

I love how my sister is with me always and I love how I am blessed to see the signs.  

I text my niece Kelsey and told her about it..... then she surprised me with this response:

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Love from Above

I glanced out my window at the bird feeder yesterday morning and saw a pretty lil flash of red on the ground picking at the seed..... I thought to myself "what a beautiful sight to see. A Cardinal visit just for me. Thank you my dear Mary!" Another thought came to mind , "what a pretty sight two would be!".... Then there was two!! I decided to think another thought, "dare there be three?" HA, as soon as I thought that, a third Cardinal flew to the seed as the other two flew away!! I love it when my thoughts become real!  
More magical signs ~  LOVE FROM ABOVE!  

Confirmations that we are not alone, all we have to do is Believe. 

(here i was able to catch one of them in a picture)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Celebrating Mary

👼 Today is a very special day! It's my Mary day! On this day 9 years ago she left this earth but not our hearts!
Thank you friends for cherishing her memory with me - thank you my friends for celebrating her life!
She is gone but never forgotten.. a piece of her will always be in our hearts!
In honor of Mary do something nice for someone today - she would love that!
XO ~Jeni

Friday, March 31, 2017


It was a rainy commute to work this morning and as I  was walking down  W. 30th Street (in NYC) with only half a block to go, I randomly thought about my sweet sister Mary, wondering why she hasn't put any feathers in my path lately. No sooner than the thought ended, a pigeon flew and landed directly in front of me with a beautiful white feather in its mouth!!!
I wasn't able to access my camera fast enough but that's okay.. the magic was there in that beautiful moment and I will never forget! 
How special it is to know that my thoughts are being heard and my loved ones above are so very near. 👼✨

Thank you Mary for always reminding me.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Angels for Brittany

My sister in law Brittany was in a terrible car accident Feb 1st... She broke and fractured  several bones. After two major surgeries and a handful of metal plates and screws put in, they sent her to an in patient rehab where she can receive 24/7 care and physical therapy.  

While she is very grateful for all the love, prayers, help and the progress of her recovery,  she has had a few moments of grief.  
Who wouldn't?  Her whole life has been turned upside down unexpectedly due to a patch of ice on the road.  The police officer who showed up at the scene told her she missed a pole that would have took her life, by just a fraction. 
This morning was one of those moments so Brittany decided to pray.  After praying,  she asked her Grandma Loretta in heaven for a sign that she was going to be okay and all will be all right.  Approximately 4 minutes after her prayer,  the aid came in to write her daily goals on the board in her room along with the name of her nurse for the day.
Wouldn't you know...... The name of the nurse was the name of Brittany's Grandma she just prayed to.  The aid wrote that Loretta would be her nurse that day!!!!  
It turned out that the nurse for the day was NOT going to be Loretta, but nonetheless, it was a true sign from above!  

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Loving Mary Forever

Happy Birthday Mary

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful angel I was blessed to call my sister! 

Loving Mary Forever:

I hear you in the birds chirp

I see you in the clouds form

I feel you in the morning light

I know your here

And always there

By my side

In my heart

With me in all that I do

I am who I am Because of you!

I love you sweet sister

Father too

Because of Gods Grace

And miraculous Being

I am Blessed With your Spirit

Guiding me through!