Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Random Love - appears in a heart

Went into our spare room today ~ look what was laying on the bed ~ a random cardboard heart! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Cardinal Appears ~ I know your near!

Cardinal magic:
I have moved to a new home a month ago... And I've only heard a chirp chirp chirp of a cardinal - giving me hope that he's out there.
Yesterday I said to my husband, "I'm sad I haven't  seen my cardinal here."
A few minutes later I walked out back to close the gate and right before my eyes a beautiful flash of red appeared - chirping away!
He stayed with me all day!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mary Hears Me

U know my Mary pad?  The one I have been writing notes to her since she's been gone?

I wrote on it this morning....  "Where are you sis?  I'm in my new home.  I feel your presence but......".  I hadn't received a sign in a while and  was missing my little red cardinals and morning doves that I had all around me at my old home (they had shown up after Mary left and made a home outside my window).

Well,  tonight my massage therapist randomly told me in the middle of my session, "Lavender is healing"- I didn't say anything then,  but after the massage I told her that my sister had said that in a reading I had from a medium the year she passed away.  (Mary had mentioned the notes i was writing to her and told me to get lavender paper to write on, because lavender was healing.) 

Then I got my answer to the question I wrote to Mary:

My massage therapist said she got chills and then said my sister was here & she was the  conduit to let me know she's still with me!!!

The massage therapist also said that we were supposed to be in room #3 but instead she put us in  room #4 which she said was an angel # !

Monday, October 6, 2014

Lil Wish Comes true

I wished for something sweet & chocolaty to eat and within 5 minutes I got a delivery.... 
"Insomnia Cookies!" Love it when that happens!

More magic: as I was running to catch my train tonight I remembered a favor a friend asked of me today... She asked if I could send some prayers her way - prayers for peace and serenity. She found out she has shingles. Just as I sent a prayer up, I was stopped in my tracks as this pretty lil feather appeared right in my path at the same time my prayer was sent. This feather is for you Kacy D.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Long Island Medium & Me

A couple years ago I emailed Teresa Caputo asking her about a group reading, what her availability was and what was the fee.  This was just months before she became really big.   Well, I forgot i emailed her and a year later I received an email from her producer asking me if i would like a reading and would I mind being on TV.  LOL - hahaha - who me?

Of course i said yes, but i wanted a group reading, not a one on one.  I didn't feel I'd be good - I already have my confirmations of my Mary's presence and probably wouldn't cry.  I felt it wouldn't be fair to others who really "need" a reading to heal.    

Anyway,  we worked out the logistics and I sent her pictures of the house (my in-laws) & put her in touch with them.   She said they will call a couple weeks before the planned event and we could only have people (up to 10) who would benefit from a reading, not just "friends, family & fans".   Perfect.  Well........... i didn't get that call until a year after that.  HA.  It was so worth it though.  We filmed in June and it aired 8/31/14.  It's the show titled "Ugly Truckling".  

Teresa was super cool and an amazing person to meet! Everyone was "read"; meaning a loved one from the other side came through, but not everyone could be "featured" on the show, including me (which is how I preferred btw - those who know me well know why). I'm beyond happy at how everything worked out - just as it was supposed to!! The show was at my in-laws house in Port Jefferson Long Island - my father in law was interviewed regarding his experience since both of his parents came through and revealed things he never even told them - 
It was pure, real, amazing and FUN!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Flowers and Chirps

Special day of gifts

I received this precious flower arrangement today from a resident right in the midst of crazy chaos -- she said the pretty little flowers sparkle a sweet smile and are bowing to me...and put change at the bottom of the vase to bring me good fortune! What a sweet unexpected surprise to brighten my day!

 ❤️I was headed to Penn station from 10th Ave..... (Walking not sprinting this time) and I hear a familiar chirp chirp chirp... I don't pay much attention because I figure there's no way a cardinal is all the way west on 31st street - it's very industrial with only a few trees.  I continue chatting away on the phone and the chirp is getting louder...  So I look to my left - the only place with a little bit of green sticking out behind a fence covering a construction site between 9th & 10th: a beautiful RED cardinal flew away - right in front of me!  What a treat.....a very special treat!  Life really is good!      

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

my Birthday Gifts from above

Birthday gift at 11 last night: Chad & I went outside for our last Honey walk for the night a little after 11pm and I couldn't believe my ears... There were cardinal chirps coming from the trees. I looked at Chad and said "do you hear that? Cardinal chirps!!! Birds sleep at night - wow!" Birthday chirps just for me  ~ thanks Mary!

another magical gift: I had a dream of my sister Mary last night. We were in gymnastics together in the dream looking at the height where the instructor put the bar on the wall for us to reach. I looked at Mary and said "are they crazy? That's impossible!" Mary just looked at it, studied it and said "Naw - let me try!" I raised my eyebrows and watched in wonderment as she not only reached the bar but did a back flip off the wall! LOL... That was our Mary..... Always reaching and exceeding giving is all hope! What a beautiful B-day gift! Thanks again sis 

Wonderful B-day news: mom went in to get her heart shocked today.......But.......they didn't have to shock her was in the right rhythm already! Woo hoo!!!

I had a wonderful Birthday this year!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Mary

We will always celebrate your Birthday Mary - you live in our hearts and are attached to my soul!  
I feel your spirit everywhere and love all the signs..... thank you sweet sis!
Here are a few things we did to honor you this year:

Made mini cupcakes of your favorite cake & frosting:  vanilla with chocolate - mmmm
I found something special this year as I was buying the decorative treats.  As soon as I saw these lil bubble gum machine candies to top off the cake I knew I had to get them... they reminded me of this fun picture I took of you & David in the Galleria mall in Houston in front of the giant gumball machine.  We even had this picture framed for dad! It was just like you:  colorful, fun and sweet!  he-he
Memories to Cherish!
I found our favorite soda with your name on it in Target - on your B-day of course!
It was throw back Thursday on FB #TBT and when I used my timehop app to find the picture posted on this day a year ago... this is what came up :) ~ me & you sis back in 1995 celebrating our B-day week together.  LOVE this picture of us. 

Then I posted my Mary poem I wrote to you a few years ago:

I know your out there Mary
In the world we don't know
Giving me signs
Telling me you love me so
Not to worry
Not to be sad
Your in bliss - pure happiness
Staying close
To the ones who miss you
Showering us with your love
Making sure we know!
Your magnificent energy
Has touched many more souls!
Just like when you were alive
You continue to amaze me with
Your brilliance! Your pure love! Your radiant smile still shines from the sky!
Thank you precious Mary - my angel up high for touching so many lives!!!

I will always celebrate my Mary's Birthday. 
Celebrating your life ~ precious it was so full of love !

To top the day off, Kelsey sent me this picture showing me that she was honoring her mom's Bday by wearing her James Avery Mother ring and sand dollar bracelet.   

Saturday, July 19, 2014

LRB Note

A sweet note sent to Little Red Bird Chirps email.....
Notes like this are lil reminders of why LRB is here.  
Connecting, sharing and giving love, hope and inspiration!