Monday, January 18, 2021

Maria ~ Divine Connections

I received a heart warming email from a beautiful soul named Adriana.  She found my Mary blog somehow and was drawn to read through it and reach out to me to let me know a little bit about her and her loss too.

My name is Adriana.  

I lost my sister Maria on December 13, 2015.  She was born on March 15.  My symbol for her is red cardinals and lady bugs.  I’m crying reading your blog.  Thank you for your words.  Adriana

There is a divine connection out there, up above, all around that brings us together.  I like to believe it is our loved ones who are watching over us and sending us signs and connecting us so we can share in our grief and so our faith can be once again renewed in the fact that life does go on and we don't really lose our loved ones, they are with us always.  Helping us, guiding us if we allow.  All we have to do is Believe and the signs and magic appears.  

Adriana and I continued to communicate via email a couple more times.  I was so happy to hear from her and I didn't even know her.  I had this feeling though as if we were connected.  It seems we were connected by love, a kind of love you don't experience on earth in a physical means, its a divine connectiveness kind of love that is from somewhere else.  I feel like it's a special kind of love that one can feel only when you are truly open and believe in the magic that is all around us.   Its pure.   I want to share her email that she sent about an experience she shared with me about a friend of hers who was having a reading from a medium because I think it should be out there and heard.  I've refrained from writing about my experiences with psychic mediums in the past because of the judgements I know are out there regarding this topic.  But I am past that now and think its time to share. All my experiences have been a strong confirmation regarding all the signs, synchronicities and visits I've had.   Stay tuned, I plan to share my experiences soon.  In the meantime, here is Adriana's beautiful story:

Hi Jeni,

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  I’m glad you will be posting more on your site.  It brought me a lot of comfort.  I’m sorry about your sister’s death.  Thank you for responding to my email (I did not expect to hear from you).

A few days ago, my friend was getting a reading done by a medium.  I was very skeptical but tried to keep an open mind and heart.

The beginning of the reading she said I can hear a cardinal singing outside your window.  I smiled.  A cardinal arrived a few days ago for the arrival of Spring.

I listened to the medium from another room while my friend got a reading.  She was so accurate in everything she said.  My heart was drawn to the room  where my friend was getting her reading done (I sat in front of the computer).

I said in my mind, if this medium is real, Maria come through to me in some way.  A few seconds later she says, I keep heating a ‘ah’ sound...then she says....Mary....Maria.

My friend responded immediately by saying it was my sister.  The medium described her perfectly. The medium described her personality, her illness, the age she died (44 years old), her profession.......I started crying when the medium was describing her.  The medium said that she is always with me....I guess that is the question I must say every day.... 

I say:  “Maria, can you hear me?”  I say:  “Maria, are you here? 

I wish I could have heard more.....but the reading was for my friend.  I didn’t want to intrude.  All of her dead relatives came forward.  Amazing.....

I wish I could have had a conversation with my sister.  The medium said your sister is so quiet, so smart.  Dr. Maria.  She had her PhD in environmental sciences.  Maria studied and taught before she became so sick.....

Anyway, I guess I’m sharing because your site touched me deeply...all the signs that you notice.  Like whispers from God, angels,.......

I think that when we die, our bodies are deceased, but our spirits, or souls move to another dimension.  I’m not always in touch with that spiritual dimension.  I try to sit in silence in nature to access it.

I really like your uplifting words and stories.  I am grateful I came across them. 

Thank you for sharing 

My love and my heart go out to you Adriana and I thank our sisters for connecting us.   Keep on believing and never give up hope.  Maria is with you always and ready for you to hear her as the medium hears her.  XOXO  Love, you sister through our sisters, Jeni

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