Sunday, October 30, 2011

DAD ~ 777

Some magic happened today!

After completing a few blog posts, I had a random thought in the back of my mind. "I really hope I see a cardinal today!" Shortly after that thought, I had to go outside in the freezing rain to walk my pup. There - over in my tree, a beautiful cardinal was there chirping at me! I smiled a big smile and my heart warmed with love. My thoughts had been heard. My tree out back had been empty of my lil chirps lately. All I had to do was notice and wish them back.
A few minutes later, as I headed to my car , I heard a beautiful bird singing. I looked to the sounds and saw high in the tree, my handsome Red Robin singing to me, icy rain and all! I thought to myself, "Dad, that's you Isn't it!?"

Shortly down the road, I noticed that the car in front of me had the license plate 777 RIP!!!! My dads favorite # was 7!!!

Is that confirmation or what?!?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Books Choose Me

I have been on such a reading kick lately ..... one book after another. The fun part about the books I read is that I don't choose them, they choose me. It all depends on what is happening in my life.

I just finished reading two pretty incredible books by Jenniffer Weigel that I totally connected with. Yes, another Jen comes into my life :)! She thinks just like me - holey moley!! Wait a minute, who's older? If she's older, then I think just like her.... right? Isn't that how it works?

I happened to come across her first book as I was searching for a book for my SSS, Jen Dio in Borders. It's as if the book jumped out at me. The title itself caught my attention and then as I read the back I knew I had to have it. She too has had cardinal visits and signs:

I couldn't believe all the connections and synchronicities I had with Jenniffer Weigel, so reading her next book was a must:

Crazy crazy crazy...... how we both wonder and question the same things! In her book she shares about her many Medium connections. I too have had many experiences with Mediums in the last 3 years and believe in the healing they provide. James Van Praagh is a particular Medium she favors and I had heard about him even before my Jenniffer Weigel adventure. I felt it was time to read one of his books, sooooo, I went to my little Amazon WISH LIST (HA - very much the opposite) and added to my list:

THEN ~ within hours, I received a message in my E-mail: Your order of "Talking to Heaven: A Mediu..." has shipped! What the heck?!? I've put MANY books on my wish list and this has NEVER happened. I took it as a sign that it was meant to be! Someone wanted me to read this...... Well, I have it now and after reading the first paragraph in the Acknowledgments, I see WHY it was meant to be! It spoke of my own passion: To promote LOVE HOPE & INSPIRATION to the world through my experiences and through Positive Living!

"When one begins the task of chronologically recalling personal experiences by breathing life into words, it is done with the hope that, in some small way, these expressions will create a sense of knowledge and wonder as well as aid in the enlightenment of another's path." ~James Van Praagh

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Universe is Listening

OCTOBER 27, 2011

On 15th street, at 5:38, I was headed to the subway to take me to Penn station.  I asked the universe in advance to allow me to make the 5:53 LIRR train home!  - As  I was racing down the stairs to catch the subway, I saw  the express A train to Penn at the track and it was packed with people hanging out ~  but the doors were still open -I asked the universe in advance while at the top of the stairs,  to allow me to make that subway - I made it to the bottom of the stairs and WENT for it - i annoyed the other passengers but didn't care - I squeezed my little self with 2 bags in tow onto the sardine packed train!
It worked it worked!! I'm on train :) 5:53

I captured 4:44 on the clock then 444 on a license plate at train station & again at home.

 Then a new FB friend posted a cardinal inspiration on LRB's page.
My SSS, Jen D, experienced an answer from thanking the Universe in advance too!  As well as the 444 # sequence AND cardinal signs  (see the picture of a cardinal in this picture).

Jen's Universe:
Thanking the universe in advance freakin worked!!!!!! Awesome blossom!! Xoxoxoox

There's NEVER parking avail at this time at work. But I changed my thoughts and found an awesome one right away :-) and saw other people that looked like they had been circling forever. Hee hee

All this on our dear angel friend Mary Soliels Bday!

We ended our day full of love from above!  So fun - a day to go down in history!  Oh,  of course, I happened to coincidentally catch 11:11 before I went to bed, as I was strolling through my FB pictures friends have posted on my Little Red Birds wall! Cardinals Cardinals everywhere!
I know my sister Mary has something to do with all of these signs, synchronicities and connections!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wow!!! Ya know,  it may just be a coincidence or my heightened cardinal awareness but ever since my Mary passed, the cardinal teams have been in the spotlight!! 
Both baseball and even football a couple few years ago :)!  
It's not a surprise that the cardinals won!!!!

To top it off ~ they were playing the Texas Rangers (we are from Texas)!

I just love all the cardinal attention ~ I'm sure that Mary is having some fun up there coordinating all of this - hehe ~ fun thought huh?

Monday, October 24, 2011

All We Need Is Love

I have my SSS (Sweet Soul Sister), Jen Dio (aka: Ladybug Whispers) to Thank for this little gift of Love made just for me, Jeni (aka: Little Red Bird)!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mary in the Clouds

Something magical happened the other day (10/9/11)  ~ a gift for my mom from Mary of  Mary - OUR MARY in the clouds for only mom to see!

My most dear friend Mary Soliel, author of the book "I Can See Clearly Now ~ How Synchronicities Illuminate your Life", posted a beautiful picture of a cloud shaped like a heart on my FaceBook page, saying:

For Jeni,  May you keep sensing all the miracles around you. ♥ 

From this post, magic begins for my dear mom!  The conversation and comments go like this:

Me:  MARY!!!!  That is so beautiful ~ how did you know that I needed this?? Hehe - Synch!!

Mary:  Synch!! Not only that, it showed in notifications that  you commented at 5:55! LOL :o)

MOM:  I see MARY!!!!!!!

Me:  Wow!! Mary - my mom called me ecstatic - she sees our Mary plain as day shining like an angel.. She said she sees her eyes shining bright in a white flowing dress (empire style); her hair pulled back!!!

Mary:  Hi Sara, Jeni's Mom!! Amazing!! I have to share that I really felt to post this pic on your wall.  I was going to post a different cloud pic but 'felt to use this one.  i took this a few years ago in New Mexico and have used it many places.  After i posted it on your wall, for the first time I saw something other than the heart, I saw an image.  Wow...

Mom:  Thank you Mary ! What a beautiful miracle!  I saw my Mary in your very special picture!

Mom:  That is so powerful that you saw an image---that image I saw was my precious Mary!!!!

Mary:  So incredible... I am so happy for you, Sara!

Mary:  You created such lovely daughters!

Me:  Oh Mary!  I've been praying for a sign for my mom!!! You brought it to her... I've never heard my mom so happy since our Mary left! thank you Mary - so much - you're an angel!

Mary:  I'm deeply touched to hear this... Sara, this is the first of many. I am sure of that.

Jen Dio:  Wow!  This is incredible.  What an amazing way to end the weekend.  Mary, you're such an angel to bring a sign from Mary to Jeni and Sara.  What a gift!!!! This makes me so happy.

Mary:  Jen, you SSS's are the angels, I'm just the messenger, and am overjoyed at the outcome.

LOL ~ aren't you just loving all the Mary's, Jen's and M's?


I will find new meaning in every joy and sorrow.  In that silence,I will hear the voice of spirit, and freed from this world,I will see another world where the end is another beginning.
Mevlana Rumi ♥

My Healing Journey: Whispers of a Ladybug: Ladybug Presence

My dearest friend, I now call my Sweet Soul Sister (SSS) wrote this most beautiful blog post of love, ladybugs, synchronicities and connections.  I am honored and blessed to be a part of it!  

My Healing Journey: Whispers of a Ladybug: Ladybug Presence: It was a little over a year ago that I met John, one of my father's dearest friends. Since our connection, I have felt my father's soul come...

"Signs often carry specific personal meaning to individuals. If a person has an affinity for dragonflies, the dragonflies themselves may become an important sign for that person, whereas they have little or no meaning to another. I automatically know that certain signs, when they appear, are signaling something good for me, such as a synchronistic sighting of a hawk, a roadrunner, or a magpie. I have actually seen ladybugs inside the house in the winter, which I consider a very positive sign. Our angels know exactly what our favorite signs are." ~ Mary Soliel, Author of "I Can See Clearly Now"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Angels

I identified my angels this morning and what each one gives me in my life. 
As I was driving to the train yesterday morning, this "knowing" just came to me! It was right after my morning Serenity Prayer  which I say in my head at least a  few times. This morning I decided to speak to Mary ~ I told her how much I love her and acknowledge that she is with me. I told her I know we will never be apart and that "knowing" this was cool - I thought about my poem I wrote from heart to her the other morning. The one line: "I am who I am because of you" and it was then that I identified my angels. I believe it was Mary, my vibrant beautiful angel who whispered this to me!

Mary - love & faith 
  DAD - color & writing 
  Grandma Combs - cardinals & sunflowers 
  Uncle Ricky - crazy fun signs 
  Grandpa Walters - business direction 
  Mama K - compassion 

I know these aren't all of my angels, but only the ones I physically knew and loved.  I'm so filled with Spirit(s)!!!! So warm, loving and wise - it's as if I'm a conduit for their love and wisdom......

 I received these signs that same day in the streets of NYC 
~ 222 ~ angels are with me!

  Sharing with the world in hopes to be a power of example!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In My Heart

I hear you in the birds chirp
I see you in the clouds form
I feel you in the morning light
I know your here
And always there
By my side
In my heart
With me in all that I do
I am who I am Because of you!
I love you sweet sister
Father too
Because of Gods Grace
And miraculous Being
I am Blessed With your Spirit
Guiding me through!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quote to LoVe

There are no accidents....there is only some purpose that we haven't yet understood. ~Deepak Chopra

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soul Sisters

Mary and I were so close I've always felt like we shared the same soul. Since the day Mary left this earth, she has showered me with gifts of love from above. Most recently, she brought me together with Jen Dio, my soul sister here on earth! The connections, Synchronicites and alikenesses we share are unbelievable. She's been such a joy in my life. One day soon I'll find the words to share. (Here's a link to Jen's beautiful blog post describing our friendship: Synchronistic Soul Sisters)

I sent Jen this little card I had of Mary & Me and she miraculously had this tiny little frame sitting on her nightstand since her trip to NY in May. It's been sitting there pictureless - waiting for the right picture, the right size. Then, as if by magic, when she received this little card, she saw how perfect it fit, just like Cinderella's shoe. We are connected, the three of us! Mary with her two Jenny's! She is both of our angels now!

Mary always wanted to visit me in NY and never had the chance, but here it is, Jenny put us together in NY!

"Take note of all the synchronistic happenings and coincidences that occur on the day. Appreciate the Divine details that are woven into every moment of your life."
~Caroline Myss


I have a dear friend I've been blessed with who commutes to work by train with me from the same station. We have the most beautiful conversations and share joys and heartaches with each other. She has been listening to all my wonderful experiences over the last 3 years about my signs, synchronicities and cardinal visits. Her name is Betty and she is an inspiration to me. She told me she wrote a poem about her own cardinal experience on the day her mom passed away and wanted to share it with me. It's a most beautiful experience and with her permission, I am proud to share it here for all of you to enjoy! See what happens when your heart is open and you simply BELIEVE:


Jesus' light shined brightly on Mom that day,
He took her into His arms as we bowed and prayed.

She peacefully ‘slept’ with her husband so near,
As the call to heaven became loud and clear.

The whistle was heard clear and strong in the air,
The pain of disease she no longer had to bear.

The family was strong as they shared laughter and tears,
They remembered the good times all through the years.

Many gathered together to say their good-byes,
Without the questions of why oh why?

Cardinals Mom’s favorite, sang their songs,
As we lay her to rest and said our so-longs.

On her husband’s back fence a red bird appeared,
A messenger bringing peace not tears.

Miles away at son’s backdoor,
Another cardinal stopped to be viewed and adored.

Then at dusk that Sunday perched high in the tree,
A cardinal sitting proudly for her daughter to see.

Full circle the birds flew from door-to-door,
With a sweet message from the one we adore.

These greetings all came on the same day from above,
To all the family who were touched and comforted with love.

BSG 7/26/2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quote - Memories

"Memories are the most beautiful pictures our mind can paint, and nothing can ever erase them" ~unknown

Messengers for Everyone

Cardinals are special to me as they remind me of my Mother. Once she passed, there has always been one singing or crossing my path on a walk. ~~Mandy T (FB post)

I have special doves! The other day there were two doves sitting with their backs to me on the back of the glinder in my yard. One dove streached out one wing and fluffed it out and wrapped it around the other dove! I couldn't belivee what I saw. I had my husband come out on the porch and whatched the dove do it again. When I told this to my daughter, she said, " Mom it was God giving me a hug"! ~~Joyce W (FB post)

I had a similar experience with a butterfly when my Mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She passed away almost 1 year ago and I always get a visit from a butterfly. The other day on my way into my car I found a butterfly charm just laying on the ground in front of my door. She always sends me signs... Butterflies♥ I also believe the cardinal bird is a messenger for you xoxox ~~The Social Butterfly (FB post)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gift of Love

Jana ~ Jana ~ Jana

What a gift of love you are to me. How lucky Mary was to have had you for a friend! I have loved getting to know you these past few months since we've connected. Your memories are beautiful and your love for Mary is divine......

This cross you carved and made for Mary's grave is priceless and the Angelic Mary memorial pictures you made for me is a gift I can't even begin to thank you for. Your thoughtfulness and love is undeniably a gift from above.

I love you as Mary loved you and cherish our connection!

Mary Memories Shared

Jana has become such a blessing and treat in my life. Together we love Mary and honor her memories. Together we are still being guided and taught by Mary with the people and situations that have synchronistically come into our lives to teach us pure love and forgiveness.

Jana has been Mary's friend since college and is still connected to her through her love and cherished memories. Now we are connected and bonded by love. Blessings are constantly being poured our way......
Since our newfound frienidship through our love for Mary, Jana has showered me with gifts of love for me from Mary!