Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Universe is Listening

OCTOBER 27, 2011

On 15th street, at 5:38, I was headed to the subway to take me to Penn station.  I asked the universe in advance to allow me to make the 5:53 LIRR train home!  - As  I was racing down the stairs to catch the subway, I saw  the express A train to Penn at the track and it was packed with people hanging out ~  but the doors were still open -I asked the universe in advance while at the top of the stairs,  to allow me to make that subway - I made it to the bottom of the stairs and WENT for it - i annoyed the other passengers but didn't care - I squeezed my little self with 2 bags in tow onto the sardine packed train!
It worked it worked!! I'm on train :) 5:53

I captured 4:44 on the clock then 444 on a license plate at train station & again at home.

 Then a new FB friend posted a cardinal inspiration on LRB's page.
My SSS, Jen D, experienced an answer from thanking the Universe in advance too!  As well as the 444 # sequence AND cardinal signs  (see the picture of a cardinal in this picture).

Jen's Universe:
Thanking the universe in advance freakin worked!!!!!! Awesome blossom!! Xoxoxoox

There's NEVER parking avail at this time at work. But I changed my thoughts and found an awesome one right away :-) and saw other people that looked like they had been circling forever. Hee hee

All this on our dear angel friend Mary Soliels Bday!

We ended our day full of love from above!  So fun - a day to go down in history!  Oh,  of course, I happened to coincidentally catch 11:11 before I went to bed, as I was strolling through my FB pictures friends have posted on my Little Red Birds wall! Cardinals Cardinals everywhere!
I know my sister Mary has something to do with all of these signs, synchronicities and connections!