Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have a dear friend I've been blessed with who commutes to work by train with me from the same station. We have the most beautiful conversations and share joys and heartaches with each other. She has been listening to all my wonderful experiences over the last 3 years about my signs, synchronicities and cardinal visits. Her name is Betty and she is an inspiration to me. She told me she wrote a poem about her own cardinal experience on the day her mom passed away and wanted to share it with me. It's a most beautiful experience and with her permission, I am proud to share it here for all of you to enjoy! See what happens when your heart is open and you simply BELIEVE:


Jesus' light shined brightly on Mom that day,
He took her into His arms as we bowed and prayed.

She peacefully ‘slept’ with her husband so near,
As the call to heaven became loud and clear.

The whistle was heard clear and strong in the air,
The pain of disease she no longer had to bear.

The family was strong as they shared laughter and tears,
They remembered the good times all through the years.

Many gathered together to say their good-byes,
Without the questions of why oh why?

Cardinals Mom’s favorite, sang their songs,
As we lay her to rest and said our so-longs.

On her husband’s back fence a red bird appeared,
A messenger bringing peace not tears.

Miles away at son’s backdoor,
Another cardinal stopped to be viewed and adored.

Then at dusk that Sunday perched high in the tree,
A cardinal sitting proudly for her daughter to see.

Full circle the birds flew from door-to-door,
With a sweet message from the one we adore.

These greetings all came on the same day from above,
To all the family who were touched and comforted with love.

BSG 7/26/2011

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Laurie Kolp said...

This is truly a beautiful poem, please tell Betty how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.