Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soul Sisters

Mary and I were so close I've always felt like we shared the same soul. Since the day Mary left this earth, she has showered me with gifts of love from above. Most recently, she brought me together with Jen Dio, my soul sister here on earth! The connections, Synchronicites and alikenesses we share are unbelievable. She's been such a joy in my life. One day soon I'll find the words to share. (Here's a link to Jen's beautiful blog post describing our friendship: Synchronistic Soul Sisters)

I sent Jen this little card I had of Mary & Me and she miraculously had this tiny little frame sitting on her nightstand since her trip to NY in May. It's been sitting there pictureless - waiting for the right picture, the right size. Then, as if by magic, when she received this little card, she saw how perfect it fit, just like Cinderella's shoe. We are connected, the three of us! Mary with her two Jenny's! She is both of our angels now!

Mary always wanted to visit me in NY and never had the chance, but here it is, Jenny put us together in NY!

"Take note of all the synchronistic happenings and coincidences that occur on the day. Appreciate the Divine details that are woven into every moment of your life."
~Caroline Myss


Laurie Kolp said...

So sweet... that's the same kind of connection Mary and I had.

Jen said...

I love you Jeni! Xoxo

Jeni said...

That's so cool Laurie... I thought so :)! Love you and JD too!!xxoo