Sunday, October 2, 2011

Messengers for Everyone

Cardinals are special to me as they remind me of my Mother. Once she passed, there has always been one singing or crossing my path on a walk. ~~Mandy T (FB post)

I have special doves! The other day there were two doves sitting with their backs to me on the back of the glinder in my yard. One dove streached out one wing and fluffed it out and wrapped it around the other dove! I couldn't belivee what I saw. I had my husband come out on the porch and whatched the dove do it again. When I told this to my daughter, she said, " Mom it was God giving me a hug"! ~~Joyce W (FB post)

I had a similar experience with a butterfly when my Mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer. She passed away almost 1 year ago and I always get a visit from a butterfly. The other day on my way into my car I found a butterfly charm just laying on the ground in front of my door. She always sends me signs... Butterflies♥ I also believe the cardinal bird is a messenger for you xoxox ~~The Social Butterfly (FB post)

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Laurie Kolp said...

Great inspirations. Thanks for sharing, jeni. Love you!!